Museums can be transformative teaching spaces. Whether through hands-on experiences with objects, behind-the-scenes tours, or discussions inspired by exhibitions, instructors can create incredible learning opportunities for their students.  

Visit the Museum

We encourage instructors to schedule a guided or self-guided exploration of the current exhibitions in Manning Hall by emailing [email protected] at least three weeks in advance. Museum staff can work with instructors to develop and facilitate course-specific assignments, tours, and seminar sessions in the gallery.

Instructors may also arrange a visit to the Collections Research Center in Bristol, RI. Request a visit by emailing a Research Request/Collection Access form to [email protected] at least three weeks in advance. Please note that instructors are responsible for transportation to/from the Collections Research Center.


Located in Manning Hall, the Culture Lab offers students an opportunity to directly interact with objects from the Museum’s collection. Museum staff work closely with instructors to select objects for class visits and assignments, and we ask interested instructors to email a Research Request/Collection Access form to [email protected] at least three weeks in advance.

Please note that, while the Culture Lab is best suited for groups of 12 or fewer students, we can accommodate larger classes as scheduling and space allows.

“The hands-on approach to highly meaningful objects allowed the students to overcome the traditional framing of the museum experience ... The class proved to be extraordinarily enriching to all the participants, and to raise several issues that will stay with us throughout the semester."

- Pedro Lopes de Almeida, Ph.D. Student, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies
POBS 0620: Mapping the Portuguese-Speaking Cultures: Portugal and Africa