Contexts is the Haffenreffer Museum's Annual Report highlighting events, research projects, student projects, educational programs, recent acquisitions, and more.  Visit this page for a list of our recent reports and links to their electronic copies.


booksThe Museum's staff has produced many books, articles, and research reports through the years.  Many can be downloaded electronically.  Visit this page for a list of publications and links to their electronic copies.

Educational Curriculum Packets

The Museum has a number of educational curriculum packets geared towards K-12 teachers and their students.  Packets contain thoroughly researched reading material and lesson plans based on subjects of staff expertise.  Visit this page for a list of current packets and links to their electronic copies.  

Research Reports of the Circumpolar Laboratory

Arctic Studies was introduced to Brown University with the appointment of J.L. Giddings as Director of the Haffenreffer Museum and Professor of Anthropology in 1955.  The Laboratory for Circumpolar Studies, housed at the Haffenreffer Museum's Collections Research Center, contains laboratory facilities, a library devoted to Arctic and sub-Arctic topics, and is the repository for important ethnographic and archaeological collections primarily from northwestern Alaska.  Visit this page for a list of recent reports published by Museum staff and research associates and links to their electronic copies.

Haffenreffer Headlines 

Haffenreffer Headlines is the monthly Museum e-newsletter, featuring regular events, news, behind-the-scenes updates, and Museum activities. Visit this page for the archive of past Haffenreffer Headlines, and follow this link to sign up so you never miss an update.