A fee structure for the analysis in each instrument is given below. This fee structure is for the routine chemical analysis we are performing currently in this facility. For more specific and complex analysis users are advised to contact us. 

Proposed fee structure to use the instruments.


Per hour

Assistance per hour

Thermo Scientific X-Series-2 (standard solution work)



Thermo Scientific X-Series-2 (solution work-CCT mode)



Thermo Scientific X-Series-2 coupled with laser ablation



Thermo Scientific Neptune Plus




Proposed fee structure to use the Clean Lab.

We have currently set up the chromatographic column separation techniques for Sr, Nd, Pb and Hf. Visitor will be supervised during the work in the clean lab. The chart below shows the supervised fee to perform the column chemistry for Sr, Nd , Pb and Hf from a same rock dissolution. The fee to process the basaltic material for the trace element analysis in solution mode is also mentioned in the chart.


Per sample

Strontium (Sr) isotope chemistry


Neodymium (Nd) isotope chemistry


Lead (Pb) isotope chemistry


Hafnium (Hf) isotope chemistry


Trace element chemistry