Mission and Organizational Structure of the Sciara Stock Center

Mission and Organizational Structure
of the Sciara Stock Center

The lower Dipteran fly, Sciara, has unique biological features that are valuable to help in our understanding of basic mechanisms in genetics, cell and developmental biology. The mission of the Sciara Stock Center is to provide Sciara stocks to scientific researchers and educators to elucidate these phenomena. The Sciara Stock Center has a Director, a Manager and a Scientific Advisory Board.

The Sciara Stock Center Advisory Board will meet yearly to review operations, user fees, community interactions and the publicity campaign, long-term plans and other policy matters needing their input. Their annual review will be summarized in a written report given to the Director of the Sciara Stock Center and to the President and Executive Director of the (Genetics Society of America (GSA) that oversees the Sciara Endowment Trust Fund. At their first meeting, their length of service will be defined and plans put in place for an orderly succession of their replacement over time. Because of the responsibilities of the GSA for the Sciara Endowment Trust Fund, the GSA President and the GSA Executive Director will also be consulted for suggestion for replacements as vacancies arise on the Sciara Stock Center Advisory Board.