Instrument Rates

The instruments of the core facility were purchased by Brown University using internal funds. Researchers from Brown University and other Rhode Island institutions can therefore use them at discounted rates. At present, external non-academic users must negotiate a usage agreement in order to use the equipment. Note that rates are subject to change. Rates listed below are effective as of 11/01/2020.

Service Units Brown / RI Universities Other Academic
AVANCE II Ultrashield 11.7 T 500 MHz NMR Hours $3 $5
ASCEND 850 MHz NMR Hours $11 $18
AVANCE III HDTM 600 MHz NMR Hours $7 $11
Rigaku X-ray Source Hours $18 $29
Liquid Nitrogen Liter $0.50 N/A
Set-up/Assistance/Training Hours $0 $108