NMR Spectrometers

500 MHz Bruker Avance IIOur shielded 500 MHz spectrometer generally operates with a TCI HCN z-gradient cryoprobe. The most recent S/N measurement was 4000:1 using the EB 200 method. The Avance III console contains three full-power channels for pulsing on 1H, 13C, and 15N, and a fourth channel with a 20 W amplifier suitable for decoupling 2H. The instrument is controlled using TopSpin 3.1. A room-temperature TXI z-gradient probe is also available if needed; both probes have automatic tuning andmatching capability.

Brown University 500Brown University 500


850 MHz Bruker Avance III HD

Brown University 850Brown University 850An 850 MHz ASCEND spectrometer with cryoprobe and Avance III HD console has recently been installed.  The spectrometer is equipped with four full channels and a TCI HCN z-gradient cryoprobe. The instrument is controlled using a Linux workstation running TopSpin 3.2. A room-temperature probe is also available; both probes have automatic tuning and matching capability. We have some photos of the installation, and a video of its being lowered into the facility.




600 MHz Bruker NEO

600 NMR600 NMR

 A new Bruker NEO 600 MHz spectrometer was installed in 2018 for solution-state protein NMR experiments. It is equipped with triple-resonance inverse detection cryoprobe with cooled 1H, 13C and 15N preamplifiers. A room temperature probe is also available for this instrument. It is operated using software Topspin 4.0.