X-ray Instruments

X-Ray Source

The facility's X-ray instrumentation is built around a Rigaku FR-E+ Superbright rotating Cu anode X-ray generator with two ports. This source produces an intense beam that allows us to do more with a home source than is usually possible.

Crystal Diffraction

ACTOR robot and CCDACTOR robot and CCDOne port of the Superbright is outfitted with a Saturn 944 HG CCD for detecting crystal diffraction. The goniometer is equipped with a Micro-glide 3-axis head that allows automated centering. Crystals can be mounted manually, but the facility also has an ACTOR robot that can mount crystals from up to 5 ALS or Uni pucks. With this system, up to 80 crystals can be automatically screened in a single run. The robot can then collect the best samples on a single puck for a synchrotron trip, or devise and execute a strategy for in-house data collection.

X-Ray Scattering

BioSAXS unitBioSAXS unit

The second port of the system is occupied by a BioSAXS-1000 instrument suitable for both small- and wide- angle X-ray scattering experiments. The temperature-controlled sample block can hold up to three cuvettes. The scattering pattern is recorded using a Pilatus 100K detector.