TRANSGENIC FACILITY INTERNAL PRICING*                                                                                      (Fiscal Year 2021)

CRISPR/ Cas9 Services

CRISPR  - Project Design and Reagent Preparation $1,000
CRISPR - Guide RNA validation
CRISPR - Founder Genotyping (Standard) $10/sample
CRISPR - Germline Transmission $1,620

Donor Construction/Preparation

 Knock-In (KI, >80bp) $1,354
Conditional Knock-Out (cKO - two steps) $400
Point Mutation (PM) $200
* to be combined with 'Embryo microinjection/Electroporation' service for mouse model generation

Embryo Microinjection/Electroporation 

Embryo Microinjection/Electroporation (B6) $4,730
Embryo Microinjection/Electroporation (FVB) $3,995
Embryo Microinjection/Electroporation (CD-1) $2,967

Cryopreservation Services

Embryo Cryopreservation (Homozygotes) $750
Embryo Cryopreservation (Heterozygotes) $1,000
Sperm Cryopreservation $700
Cryo Recovery - From Frozen Embryo
Cryo Recovery - From Frozen Sperm

ES Cell Gene Targeting

Electroporation $1,900
Clone Selection $1,850
Scale Up Archive Clones $650
Microinjection of 129 ES Cells $3,800
Microinjection of B6 ES Cells $6,000
De Novo generation of ESC lines from existing transgenic line $2,900
Custom ES Injection (mice from PI) $3,000

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF)

IVF - Fresh sperm $1,450
IVF - Frozen sperm $1,530
IVF plus Sperm Cryo $1,800
IVF plus Embryo Cryo $1,960

Other Services

Random Integration Transgenesis $5,400
Rederivation $1,150
Colony Scale Up $2,400
Germline Transmission
Genotyping $10/Sample
Housing $1.22/Diem
Annual Cryo Storage Fee $150/Year
Hourly Rate for Custom Projects Not Listed $68/Hour

*Rates for Brown and Rhode Island Academic and Hospital Affiliates. For External Academic or Commercial Rates, contact  Jinping Luo ([email protected]

Rates Effective 11/1/2020