Heidi Meisenkothen

Associate Director of Licensing and Business Development
Technology Ventures Office
(401) 863-5263

Heidi joined TVO in 2013. She manages intellectual property, technology development and commercialization: strategy, licensing, marketing, negotiating agreements, venture creation, and establishing sponsored research partnerships for Brown University and select IP/projects for Lifespan.


Heidi has extensive experience in the business of science and technology commercialization, especially in the areas of biotechnology, biomedicine, and medical devices.  Prior to joining Brown, she was recognized for leading high-performance, multicultural commercialization teams She also held two VP roles in biotech/biomedical divisions at a private US company and a government organization in Singapore. Heidi has worked in multiple startups, new and mature markets, and large multinationals, and has worked/consulted in Iceland, Sweden, Panama, and Russia. She is also part-time Executive Director of WEST (Women Entrepreneurs in the Enterprise of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) – a nonprofit in Cambridge, MA. Heidi earned an MA (ALM) in Biological Sciences from Harvard University with associated research at Children’s Hospital Boston, and a BS in Psychobiology from the University of Connecticut.