Become a User

The Nanofabrication Central Facility is organized as a self-use laboratory, which allows users the opportunity to develop critical skills to perform advanced research. The NCF technical staff will provide new users with practical training, including the facility standard operating practice, safety training requirements and instrument operation. In addition to supporting authorized users, the NCF technical staff is also available to perform instrument operations for researchers.

To become an authorized user, please complete the user agreement and submit to [email protected] or Barus & Holley, Rm 643.

User Agreement:

Internal User Agreement - Internal users must have a valid Brown University ID and academic appointment and must provide a default account number from the Brown University Workday System.
External User Agreement - External users are users outside of Brown University

EHS Training Requirements:

Laboratory Saftey Training
Hazardous Waste Training
Hydrofluoric Acid Exposure Control Training

Chemical Hygiene Plan:

NCF Chemical Hygiene Plan

Current Rates & Fees:

NCF Internal Rates & Fee Structure - Internal Rates are extended to Internal users, Brown University Hospital Affiliates, and Rhode Island Academic Institutions
NCF External Rates & Fee Structure - External Rates are extended to Academic and Commercial External users (with the exception of Brown University Hospital Affiliates and Rhode Island Academic Institutions - see Internal Rates)