Executive Committee

David Paine
IMNI Director
[email protected]
P: (401) 863-1457


Shouheng Sun
IMNI Co-Director
[email protected]
P: (401) 863-3329


Agnes Kane
Professor of Medical Science, Bio Med Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
Director, NanoHealth Intitative
[email protected]
P: (401) 863-1110


Gang Xia0
Chair, Department of Physics
[email protected]
P: (401) 863-2586


Lawrence Larson
Dean, School of Engineering
[email protected]
P: (401) 863-1422


Lai-Sheng Wang
Chair, Department of Chemistry
[email protected]
P: (401) 863-3389


Greg Hirth
Chair, Department of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences
[email protected]
P: (401) 863-7063