B&H 637 Conference Room Reservation

Please Note: As of April 1, 2017 the BH637 conference room will no longer available for usage

B&H 637 Conference Room is intended to meet the longstanding needs of IMNI faculty members. No regularly scheduled classes are to be held in this room.  

How to Reserve

  • To request a reservation of Room 637, click on Calendar, and confirm that the room is available at the time you are requesting.   If available, go Back, and click on Reservation Form, fill in the form and send.  

Scheduling Guidelines

  • Do not unplug, reconfigure, or alter the equipment set up from its current arrangement. 
  • IMNI Conference Rooms may be reserved for up to a semester at a time.
  • Evening (after 5pm) and weekend use of conference room is limited.
  • Room use is "as is," i.e., users will need to bring laptops, or other equipment if it is not already supplied in the particular room reserved.

Long Distance Calls

  • Any Brown employee who wishes to set up a long distance phone account should contact Denise Wynne (Telecommunications, CIS) and provide her with an account to charge.
  • To make a long distance phone call in our conference room, you must have a code number which would be provided by your advisor/department manager.
  • To use your code: Dial 8-1-area code + number, hear another dial tone, enter 6 digit code.