Current Sponsored Projects

*listed alphabetically by sponsor/funding agency

Army Research Office - Multi University Research Initiative (MURI) based at Brown
Stress-Controlled Catalysis via Engineering Nanostructures

Consortium for Ocean Leadership
Gulf Research Initiative in partnership with Tulane University on The Science and Technology of Dispersants Relevant to Deep-Sea Oil Releases

General Motors
Brown Collaborative Laboratory for Computational Materials Research ("from Atoms to Autos")

Materials Science & Solid Mechanics Studies on Steel Alloys; Batteries; and Engineered Surfaces to Enhance Bio-Adhesion

National Science Foundation
RII Track-2 FEC: Low-Cost, Efficient Next-Generation Solar Cells for the Coming Clean Energy Revolution 

National Science Foundation
Materials Research Science and Engineering Center (MRSEC) on Micro and Nano-mechanics of Materials

National Science Foundation
Major Research Instrumentation (MRI) Program: 
Acquisition of an Advanced X-ray Diffraction System for the Brown University X-Ray Facility

National Science Foundation
INSPIRE Track1: Computational Design for the Safe Development of High-Aspect-Ration Nanomaterials

U.S. Department of Education GAANN Program: Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need
Interdisciplinary Training in Applications and Implications of Nanotechnology, an interdisciplinary Ph.D. fellowship program

United States Automotive Materials Partnership, LLC (USAMP) and Department of Energy (Cooperative Agreement)
Integrated Computational Materials Engineering Development of Advanced Steel for Lightweight Vehicles project (ICME 3GAHSS)