Become a User

The IMNI Core Research Facilities are organized as self-use laboratories.  Although our technical staff is available to support authorized users, our staff is also available to perform the instrument operations for a researcher.    We have found the self-use facility will provide the user with an opportunity to develop the critical skills to perform advanced research.  

Our Core Facility Technical staff will provide each new user with practical training which include the facility standard operating practice, safety training requirements and instrument operation.  Each of our instruments will require different protocol, so the first step to become an "AUTHORIZED USER" is to complete a User Agreement Application Form for the Facility you wish to use and submit the completed application to IMNI.  

User Agreement Form

User Agreement Form - Internal
User Agreement Form - External

Once submitted, your User Agreement will be reviewed by the IMNI Core Facility Administration.  The Brown University Environmental Heath and  Safety Office (EHS) is responsible for ensuring the campus community is complient and  up-to-date on required training. Laboratory Safety and Hazadous Waste Training is required for anyone working in a research lab.  This is also the case for all IMNI Core Reseacrch Faciiltes.   You may also be asked to complete web-based train courses and certification forms as a requirement to use certain IMNI instruments. You will be contacted by IMNI, if additional training is required.

EHS Requirements & Safety Training 

Next, you will be contacted by IMNI  Core Faciity Technical staff to discuss your research needs and arrange a meeting to provide the practical training and instrument operation.  Once you are authorized as a user on a specific instrument, you will be provided with a USER LOG-ON ACCOUNT, access to the RESERVATION CALENDAR and CARD ACCESS to the DOOR where the instument  is located is provided to those who have a Brown University ID card.  External Auhtorized Users can access the instruments during the business day. 

The application process is depended on indivdual user needs and IMNI Core Faciilty staff availability.  Please sure to submit your application in sufficient time complet the process.  Exisiting users can request to add an instrument at anytime.  Please feel free to contact the IMNI Assistant Director to clarify the IMNI Core Research Faciilties operations.

Rates & Fee Structure

An IMNI core research facility user is determined to be either an "Internal" or and "External" user, based on their ability to automate their user fee payment with the Internal Brown financial system or not.  If a user can provide a Default ORG BAT ID Account within the Brown University Workday system, then they are considered an Internal user.

Rates & Fee Structure - Internal
Rates & Fee Structure - External