IMNI Seed Funding Program

IMNI Annual Seed Fund Program

Each academic year, IMNI announces a call for internal seed project proposals in broad areas of materials science, molecular science or nanoscience. Among the objectives of this call are: (i) the development of new expertise within IMNI through initiation of collaborative projects, and (ii) generation of critical, preliminary results that will enhance the likelihood of external funding in the form of multiple-PIs grants.   Proposals will be evaluated based on the extent to which they position IMNI researchers to compete for new external funding.  Preference will be given to applicants who have not received IMNI seed funding in the past.  

Selections are made by the IMNI Executive Committee.  Recipients of the seed funds will be asked to provide periodic feedback, including a presentation of results to the IMNI Executive Committee.

Current Awardees 
FY 17/18 No Seed Awards Made
FY 16/17 No Seed Awards Made

FY 15/16

No Seed Awards Made

Past Awardees 

FY 14/15

No Seed Awards Made

FY 13/14

PI: Prof. Vesna Mitrovic (Physics) "Giant Spin-Orbit Coupling and Quantum Confinement in Functional and Enabling Nanaoscale Structures"

FY 13/14

palmorepalmorePI: Prof. Tayhas Palmore (Engineering, Chemistry) "Conversion of Carbon Dixoide into Valuable Chemicals"

FY 12/13

PI: Prof. David Paine (Engineering)

Transport, optical, and microstructural characterization of oxide heterostructures formed by a novel self-limiting process

FY 12/13

PI: Prof. K.S. Kim (Engineering) Study of Ruga (Wrinkle, Crease and Fold) Controlled Nanostructure

FY 10/11

PI: Prof. Jay Tang (Physics) 

Prof. Derek Stein (Physics)
Translocation of Actin Filaments through Solid State Nanopores

FY 10/11

PI: Prof. Tayhas Palmore (Engineering)

Prof. Eric Chason (Engineering)

In Situ Measurement of Stress in Conducting Polymers for Improving the Performance of Plastic Batteries