Research Scope

  • Nanomedicine
  • Nanotechnology Environmental Safety and Health
  • Societal and Ethical Implications


This faculty cluster combines nanotechnologists in the physical sciences with medical researchers and human health practitioners.  The scope includes biological applications (nanomedicine in the form of drug delivery and implant design), as well as biological implications (health impacts and the design and formulation of safe or “green” nanomaterials).  These topics share a common science – the interaction of synthetic nanostructures with living systems.   The NanoHealth Initiative is also home to Brown’s efforts on the environmental, societal, and ethical implications of nanotechnology.  It is also home to the DoE GAANN Ph.D. fellowship grant: "Interdisciplinary Training in the Applications and Implications of Nanotechnology".

Agnes KaneAgnes KaneAgnes Kane
Head of NanoHealth Initiative