Research Facilities

The Brown Speech Lab is an integrated facility that provides for research in speech and language processing and is available for preparation of auditory stimuli and for testing of normal participants, elderly normal controls, and aphasic patients.

The lab is equipped for sampling, editing, analysis, and synthesis of speech stimuli as well as for generating and grading psychoacoustic tests. The lab has a dedicated speechsystem (BLISS) for speech acoustic analysis, speech synthesis, editing of speech, and stimulus presentation typically through headphones. The interactive system allows for digital spectrograms as well as dft, LPC, and bark analyses conducted over different size windows ofanalysis and different time frames. The same system is used for editing and preparing auditory stimuli to be used in experiments using a broad range of paradigms including psychoacoustic identification and discrimination tasks, lexical decision, and spoken word production. The BLISS program will automatically analyze the data for performance and reaction-time.

Subjects are run in a separate sound-treated testing room which has three testing booths for on-line testing and which can be set up for either auditory or visual stimulus presentation.

The lab also has available a portable eyetracker (SMI iView X RED Remote Eye TrackingSystem) for testing aphasic participants and other participants off-campus.

A shared departmental IAC sound proofed booth is also available.




         Brown University MRI Research Facility





                              Brown Lab Interactive Speech System (BLISS)