CONTACT INFORMATION: Please follow the instructions that best match your objectives:

  • To request Drs. Britton and/or Lindahl to give a lecture, retreat or training, please contact: Willoughby_Britton(at)
  • For mindfulness or meditation teachers, clinicians, researchers or mindfulness organizations who would like Dr. Britton's expertise, please schedule a professional consultationDue to a high volume of requests, Dr. Britton is unable to answer individual emails. 
  • Copies of all published research can be found under the publications tab.
  • Researchers who would like to request a copy of the Meditation-related adverse effects scale- MBP version (MRAES-MBP) for research, translation and validation purposes, fill out a request form here.
  • If you are a meditator who is experiencing meditation-related problems and need help, please visit: www.cheetahhouse.orgDue to a high volume of requests, Dr. Britton is unable to answer individual emails.  If you would like Dr. Britton's perspective, you can schedule a meditator consultation.
  • Students who are interested in becoming a research assistant in the CLAN lab , please send a cover letter and CV to Roman_Palitsky(at)
  • To journalists or students researching or writing about meditation-related difficulties: Please be sure to be have become familiar with the following before making an interview request:

Please plan for at least one month between your request and your interview.

Other FAQs:

  • The Clinical and Affective Neuroscience does not have any paid positions available.
  • Dr. Britton is not available to be a research, concentration or thesis advisor or other type of mentor (K-Awards)
  • Dr. Britton is not currently available to:
    • endorse or review books, programs or products
    • participate in journal special issues
    • serve unpaid as a consultant, on advisory boards or committees. If you would like her expertise, you can schedule a professional consultation.
  • We are currently experiencing a high volume of requests, and are in the process of building our capacity.  We appreciate your patience.