Dr. Kristina Eichel


Kristina did her Diploma in Psychology at University of Cologne in 2012. She finished her PhD in 2016 on mindfulness and error processing focusing on event-related component analyses with electroencephalogram (EEG). In 2015, she was already a visiting research fellow at the Clinical Affective Neuroscience lab for six months, when she helped to collect and analyze the EEG data of the “Dismantling Mindfulness” project and helped with the development of the codebook of influencing factors of the VCE project. In 2016, she worked for eight months in the Social Cognition Center Cologne, doing research on social comparison, envy and mindfulness. During the same time, she was a lecturer in inference statistics at Fresenius College Cologne. While working on her PhD, Kristina started doing a master in Cognitive Science at Ruhr-University Bochum to deepen her knowledge in philosophy of mind. She started as a postdoc at the lab in February 2017, working on several projects with all the research assistants, analyzing the EEG data and doing statistical analyses. When she is not working in the lab, Kristina likes to think about social justice, go out dancing, explore NYC, write stories and paint pictures or take photos.


Research Interests

Mindfulness, meditation, metacognition, performance monitoring, social cognition, altered states of consciousness, theory of mind, empathy and compassion

Using strict experimental designs, advanced statistics (multivariate analyses and structural equation modeling), and neurophysiological methods (EEG and fMRI), Kristina observes the effects of meditation and mindfulness on emotional and cognitive components. Her background in philosophy of consciousness, theory of mind and philosophy of science helps her to analyze theoretical frameworks and mechanisms using hard science. She is also interested in cultural differences and social aspects of mindfulness.

Publications and Presentations

Eichel, K. & Stahl, J. (2016). The role of mindfulness and emotional stability in error detection. Mindfulness. doi:10.1007/s12671-016-0601-1


Eichel, K., Essien, G., Cullen, B., Rogers, A. & Britton, W. (2017). Sustained Attention in Focused Attention versus Open Monitoring Meditation - Behavioral and Neurophysiological Changes. Poster at the 29th Association for Psychological Science Annual Convention, Boston, MA, USA

Eichel, K. & Britton, W. (2017). Pay Attention to Focused Attention in Mindfulness-Based Interventions. Paper at the Mindfulness Symposium - Triangulations, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Eichel, K. & Stahl, J. (2014). The effect of mindfulness on error processing using a dispositional and an experimental approach. Paper at the European Society for Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Conference, Dortmund, Germany


Academic distinctions

Junior Start-Up Grant (3000€) “Mindfulness and Social Comparison” awarded by Center for Social and Economic Behavior (C-SEB), University of Cologne, 2016

Three-month scholarship (visiting researcher at Brown University, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab, Director: Willoughby Britton), German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), June-September 2015

Three-month scholarship (visiting researcher at Brown University, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience Lab, Director: Willoughby Britton), University of Cologne, Faculty of Human Sciences, October-December 2015