Principal Investigator,
Kareen L. K. Coulombe, Ph.D.









Assistant Professor of Engineering and Medical Science
Director of Graduate Studies in Biomedical Engineering

Center for Biomedical Engineering
School of Engineering & Division of Biology and Medicine
Email: kareen_coulombe(at) 



Fabiola Munarin, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor (Research)
  Development of 3-Dimensional Scaffolds to Induce Vascularization After Cardiac Ischemic Events
Research Interests: Cardiac regeneration, natural polymers, microspheres, hydrogels, growth factors, infarct model
Email: fabiola_munarin(at) 

Celinda Kofron, Ph.D.

Research Scientist
  Cardiotoxicity of environmental chemicals in a human 3D microtissue platform
Research Interests: Cardiac cell interactions, self-assembled 3D microtissues, toxicity
Email: celinda_kofron(at) 


Arvin Soepriatna, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow
  Electrical Integration of Engineered Human Myocardium for Arrhythmia Abatement after Myocardial Infarction
Research Interests: Cardiac regeneration, computational approaches, biomechanics, 4D cardiac strain imaging, disease progression
Email: arvin_soepriatna(at) 

PhD Students

Kiera Dwyer, BS

PhD student in BME
Project: Fibrous collagen scaffolds in engineered hiPSC-cardiac tissues for heart repair
Research Interests: Tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, tissue scaffolds, biomaterials 
Email: kiera_dwyer(at) 

Rajeev Kant, BS

PhD candidate in BME
Project: Spatio-temporal Cues for Vascularization of Human iPSC-derived Cardiac Engineered Tissue
Research Interests: hiPSC-cardiac differentiation, cardiac tissue engineering, vascular patterning, 3D printing, biomaterials
Email: rajeev_kant(at) 

Alicia Minor, BS
PhD candidate in BME
Project: Directing Angiogenesis by Patterning ECM-adherent Signaling Molecules in Human Engineered Cardiac Tissue for Improved In Vivo Vascularization
Research Interests: hiPSC-cardiac differentiation, tissue engineering, vascular patterning, angiogenesis
Email: alicia_minor(at) 


Ashley Abel, B.S.

Research Technician
Project:  Enhancing cardiac conduction for electrical integration of engineered human iPSC-derived cardiac tissues
Research Interests:
 Cardiac regeneration, stem cell biology, hiPSC differentiation and cardiomyocyte development/maturation
Email: ashley_abel(at) 

Collin Polucha, B.S. 

Research Technician
Research Interests: Cardiovascular regeneration, surgical technologies, models of myocardial infarction
Email: collin_polucha(at) 

Undergraduate Students

Phillip Schmitt, Biomedical Engineering '22

Former Lab Members

Nicholas J. Kaiser, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering '19
"A Tunable Collagen Microfiber Platform for Engineered Cardiac Tissue"
Cassady E. Rupert, Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering '19
"Modeling development and disease in engineered human cardiac tissue"

Ananya Anand,
MD '19
Colette Bare,
ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '19
Jessica Bellows,
 ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '19
Heidi Chang
, ScB with Honors in Chemical Engineering '16
Jasmine Gabor, Chemical Engineering '21
Anna House, ScB in Biomedical Engineering '20
Gian Ignacio
ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '18
Chinedu Irofuala, ScB in BME '17; ScM in Biomedical Engineering '18
Carly Kabelac
ScB in Biomedical Engineering '19
Amelia KhooScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '18
Bining Lu
, ScM in Biotechnology '16
Giuliano Marostica, ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '15, Domenico A. Ionata Award Winner
Shababa Matin, ScB in Biomedical Engineering '17
Kyle Meyer, ScB in BME '15; ScM in Biomedical Engineering '16
G. Andrea Micheli, MSc in Biomedical Engineering '16, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Maria Muhammad,
BS in Chemistry '18 from Tougaloo College
Jad Nasrallah
, ScB with Honors in Mechanical Engineering '17, Joseph Kestin Award of Excellence Winner
Maria Paredes, ScB in BME '17, George H. Main '45 Award Winner; ScM in Biomedical Engineering '18
Carlota Pereda Serras
, ScB with Honors in Biology '15
Isobel Rountree, ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '20
Jason Thomas
ScB with Honors in Physics '17
Dalia Ruiz
, ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '16
Jackie Vu, AB with Honors in Engineering '17 
Kelly WilliamsScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '19
Elliot YouthScB with Honors in Computational Biology '20