Principal Investigator

Kareen L. K. Coulombe, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Engineering and Medical Science
Center for Biomedical Engineering
School of Engineering &
Division of Biology and Medicine
Email: kareen_coulombe(at) 


Postdoctoral Fellows

Fabiola Munarin, Ph.D.

Project:  Development of 3-Dimensional Scaffolds to Induce Vascularization After Cardiac Ischemic Events
Research Interests: Cardiac regeneration, natural polymers, microspheres, hydrogels, growth factors, infarct model
Email: fabiola_munarin(at) 

PhD Students

Nick Kaiser, BS

PhD candidate in BME
Project: An Optimized Natural Polymer Scaffold for Cardiac Tissue Regeneration
Research Interests: Tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, tissue scaffolds, biomaterials 
Email: nicholas_kaiser(at) 

Rajeev Kant, BS

PhD student in BME
Project: Spatio-temporal Cues for Vascularization of Human iPSC-derived Cardiac Engineered Tissue
Research Interests: hiPSC-cardiac differentiation, cardiac tissue engineering, vascular patterning, 3D printing, biomaterials
Email: rajeev_kant(at) 

Alicia Minor, BS
PhD student in BME
Project: Directing Angiogenesis by Patterning ECM-adherent Signaling Molecules in Human Engineered Cardiac Tissue for Improved In Vivo Vascularization
Research Interests: hiPSC-cardiac differentiation, tissue engineering, vascular patterning, angiogenesis
Email: alicia_minor(at) 

Cassady Rupert, BA
PhD Candidate in BME
Project:  Stimulating Cardiomyocyte Maturity in Engineered Cardiac Tissue with Synthetic and Biological Materials
Research Interests:  Cardiac tissue engineering, hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, cardiac fibroblasts
Email: cassady_rupert(at) 

Travis Wallace, BS

PhD student in BME
Project: Biophysical Creep Conditioning of Cardiomyocyte Maturity in Engineered Human Cardiac Tissue
Research Interests:  Cardiac tissue engineering, hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, electromechanical function
Email: travis_wallace(at) 

Undergraduate Students

Colette Bare, Biomedical Engineering '19
Jessica Bellows
Biomedical Engineering '19
Carly Kabelac
Biomedical Engineering '19
Kelly WilliamsBiomedical Engineering '19
Jasmine Gabor
, Undeclared '21

Former Lab Members

Ananya Anand, BS, Medical Student '19
Heidi Chang
, ScB with Honors in Chemical Engineering '16
Gian IgnacioScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '18
Chinedu Irofuala, ScB in BME '17; ScM in Biomedical Engineering '18
Amelia Khoo
ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '18
Bining Lu
, ScM in Biotechnology '16
Giuliano Marostica, ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '15, Domenico A. Ionata Award Winner
Shababa Matin, Biomedical Engineering '17
Kyle Meyer, ScB in BME '15; ScM in Biomedical Engineering '16
G. Andrea Micheli, MSc in Biomedical Engineering '16, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Maria Muhammad,
BS in Chemistry '18 from Tougaloo College
Jad Nasrallah
, ScB with Honors in Mechanical Engineering '17, Joseph Kestin Award of Excellence Winner
Maria Paredes, ScB in BME '17, George H. Main '45 Award Winner; ScM in Biomedical Engineering '18
Carlota Pereda Serras
, ScB with Honors in Biology '15
Jason Thomas, ScB with Honors in Physics '17
Dalia Ruiz
, ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '16
Jackie Vu, AB with Honors in Engineering '17