Principal Investigator

Kareen L. K. Coulombe, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Engineering and Medical Science
Center for Biomedical Engineering
School of Engineering &
Division of Biology and Medicine
Email: kareen_coulombe(at) 


Postdoctoral Fellows

Fabiola Munarin, Ph.D.

Project:  Development of 3-Dimensional Scaffolds to Induce Vascularization After Cardiac Ischemic Events
Research Interests: Cardiac regeneration, natural polymers, microspheres, hydrogels, growth factors, infarct model
Email: fabiola_munarin(at) 

Graduate Students

Nick Kaiser, BS

PhD candidate in BME
Project: An Optimized Natural Polymer Scaffold for Cardiac Tissue Regeneration
Research Interests: Tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, tissue scaffolds, biomaterials 
Email: nicholas_kaiser(at) 

Rajeev Kant, BS

PhD student in BME
Project: Spatio-temporal Cues for Vascularization of Human iPSC-derived Cardiac Engineered Tissue
Research Interests: hiPSC-cardiac differentiation, cardiac tissue engineering, vascular patterning, 3D printing
Email: rajeev_kant(at) 

Cassady RupertCassady Rupert

Cassady Rupert, BA
PhD Candidate in BME
Project:  Stimulating Cardiomyocyte Maturity in Engineered Cardiac Tissue with Synthetic and Biological Materials
Research Interests:  Cardiac tissue engineering, hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, carbon nanotubes, nanowires, cardiac fibroblasts
Email: cassady_rupert(at) 

Travis Wallace, BS

PhD student in BME
Project: Biophysical Creep Conditioning of Cardiomyocyte Maturity in Engineered Human Cardiac Tissue
Research Interests:  Cardiac tissue engineering, hiPSC-derived cardiomyocytes, electromechanical function
Email: travis_wallace(at) 

Other Trainees

Ananya Anand, BS, Medical Student '19

Undergraduate Students

Gian IgnacioBiomedical Engineering '18
Chinedu IrofualaBiomedical Engineering '17 
Amelia Khoo
Biomedical Engineering '18
Maria Paredes
Biomedical Engineering '17
Jason ThomasPhysics '17
Jackie VuEngineering '17

Former Lab Members

Heidi Chang, ScB with Honors in Chemical Engineering '16
Bining Lu, ScM in Biotechnology '16
Giuliano Marostica, ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '15, Ionata Award Winner
Shababa Matin, Biomedical Engineering '17
Kyle Meyer, ScM in Biomedical Engineering '16
G. Andrea Micheli, MSc in Biomedical Engineering '16, Politecnico di Milano, Italy
Jad Nasrallah
, ScB with Honors in Mechanical Engineering '17, Kestin Award Winner
Carlota Pereda Serras, ScB with Honors in Biology '15
Dalia Ruiz, ScB with Honors in Biomedical Engineering '16