Hetal Marble defends PhD

Hetal Marble, graduate student in Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology, successfully defended her doctoral thesis! She is off to bigger and better things. Best of luck from the Darling Lab!

(Distributed September 26, 2016)

Stemness and chemotherapy

Olivia Beane and co-authors published a study entitled "Disparate Response to Methotrexate in Stem Versus Non-Stem Cells" in Stem Cell Reviews and Reports that investigated the influence of stemness on the susceptibility of cells to the chemotherapeutic drug, methotrexate. Findings showed that adipose-derived stem cells were unaffected by the drug unless they were undergoing differentiation, at which point they would be impaired in a similar manner to fibroblasts and osteoblasts.

(Distributed January 27, 2016)
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