Lab Director

Eric Darling
Associate Professor of Medical Science, Engineering, and Orthopaedics
Department of Molecular Pharmacology, Physiology, & Biotechnology
Center for Biomedical Engineering

Research staff

Vera Fonseca
Lab manager

Graduate students

Rafael González-Cruz
PhD candidate
Research area: Spatiotemporal changes in MSC gene expression and mechanics

Robert Gutierrez
PhD student
Research area: Mechanobiology, Regenerative Engineering

Manisha Kanthilal
PhD candidate
Research area: MSC mechanical biomarkers

Nick Labriola
PhD candidate
Research area: High-throughput, mechanical biomarker assessment

Hetal Marble
PhD candidate
Research area: mRNA biomarkers for MSC enrichment

Addie Parsons
ScM student
Research area: Donor variability and ASC standardization

Bryan Sutermaster
PhD candidate
Research area: mRNA biomarkers for cell identification

Jess Sadick
PhD student
Research area: Neurogenic purification and characterization

Undergraduate students

Keenan Line
Biomedical Engineering


Graduate students
Olivia Beane (Ph.D. '16), Research Scientist, EpiBone 

Manisha Kanthilal (Sc.M., '13), PhD student, Brown University
Bella Okiddy ( Sc.M., '16), Technologies Against Assault 

Undergraduate students
Indu Voruganti (Sc.B. Biology '12)
Noa Nessim (Sc.B. Biology '13)
Aaron Chiou (Sc.B. BME '14)
Eunice Cho (Sc.B. Biology '14)
Libby Stein (Sc.B. Biology '15)
Iris Pak (Sc.B. BME '15)
Bella Okiddy (Sc.B. BME '15)
Corey Holman (Sc.B. Biology '16)