2015 Publications:

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2014 Publications:

  • Datla S, McGrail D, Lyle A, Pounkova L, Hilenski1 L, Dawson M, Lassègue B, and Griendling K. Poldip2 Controls Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Migration by Regulating Focal Adhesion Turnover and Polarization. Applied Journal of Physiology 307 (7): H945-57.
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2010-2013 Publications:

  • Don-Salu-Hewage1 A; Chan A; McAndrews K; Chetram M; Dawson M; Bethea D; Hinton C. Cysteine (C)-X-C Receptor 4 Undergoes Transportin 1-Dependent Nuclear Localization and is Functional at the Nucleus of Metastatic Prostate Cancer Cells, PLoS ONE 7 (8): e57194 (2013).
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2003-2010 Publications:

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