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Theresa M. Desrochers, Ph.D.
Position: Assistant Professor of Neuroscience,
Psychiatry and Human Behavior (courtesy),
and Carney Institute for Brain Science
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Theresa McKim, Ph.D.

Overview: I am interested in the neural mechanisms underlying goal-directed sequential behavior, and the role of the prefrontal cortex in exerting cognitive control to flexibly adapt sequential actions. Understanding the neural circuitry of sequential tasks will enable future investigation into how deficits in regulating sequential decisions may contribute to disorders such as addiction.

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Debaleena Basu, Ph.D


Overview: The ability to arrange thoughts, information, objects, and  actions in a proper order, or sequencing, is essential for most everyday tasks, from counting numbers to planning itineraries and routines. Debaleena is interested in understanding the neural mechanisms involved in processing cognitive sequences, using a multifaceted approach spanning fMRI, psychophysics, and electrophysiology. Her interests also lie in exploring disorders where sequential control is impaired. Prior to joining the lab, Debaleena investigated the planning of motor sequences using saccadic eye movements for her doctoral work at the Indian Institute of Science.

Lab Manager


Matthew Maestri

Overview: Matthew has been with the lab for nearly a year and a half. Prior to managing the Desrochers Lab, Matthew was a Research Assistant in a neuroscience lab at Augusta State University, formerly the Medical College of Georgia. 

Graduate Students


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Nadira Yusif Rodriguez
Position: Neuroscience Graduate Student 

Overview: I am interested in identifying how and which brain areas support abstract sequence processing, focusing mainly on the role of the PFC during these sequential processes. Through the use of fMRI, statistical and instrumental behavioral tasks, I aim to determine the neural mechanisms involved, to understand these necessary abstract sequences that we use in day do day life. 



Aarit Ahuja

Position: Neuroscience Graduate Student


Overview: I am a shared student working in both the Sheinberg lab and the Desrochers lab. My main research interests include the neural basis of mental simulation/dynamic mental imagery, as well as comparative primate + human fMRI in general.

Undergraduate Students




Eojin Choi
Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant
Overview: I am a junior studying neuroscience and STS (science, technology, and society). In addition to gaining more experience with research methods like fMRI and TMS, I am interested in studying the effects of OCD on sequential control and behavior.





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Vivian Lu

Position: Undergraduate Research Assistant 


Overview: Vivian Lu '20 is a neuroscience concentrator with additional interests in visual art and science education. 





Lab Alumni

Sarah Master, ScB 2017, Honors Thesis: The influence of anxiety on sequential processing.
     Current: Research Assistant, Collins Lab, UC Berkeley

Juliana Trach, ScB 2018, Honors Thesis: Practice and embedded motor sequences facilitate the learning and execution of abstract task sequences.

Victoria Flagg, ScB 2018

Meghan Hershkowitz

Gabriela Batista