About our Lab

Neural Codes

Our lab investigates how the brain turns thought into action. At the core of this problem is understanding how large populations of neurons represent complex information. More specifically, we use novel multi-electrode recording arrays and fMRI techniques to examine ways that populations of cerebral cortical neurons acquire and code information related to planning and enacting voluntary arm movements. Our laboratory works closely with several of Brown's applied mathematicians (Elie Bienenstock), engineers (Arto Nurmikko), and computer scientists (Michael Black) to develop and test theories of representation and to generate new mathematical tools to examine neural codes.

Neural Prosthetics (Brain Machine Interfaces)

We are also applying our knowledge of neural codes for movement to build prosthetic devices that provide an interface between the brain and the external world for individuals with paralysis.

Our ground-breaking work has led to the BrainGate clinical trials (there is a brief history of the BrainGate trials on their website) .