Doctoral Researcher


Specific Goals


Engineering Nanotubes for Infectious Disease Prevention

• Focus: Sexually Transmitted Diseases (HIV, etc.)

• Target Sites (where sexually transmitted viruses first enter, the mucosal linings):

a. mouth

b. anus

c. vagina


• User-friendly form of product (either topical cream or a pill, not IV administration).


In vivo uptake of labeled nanotubes (nanotubes in bright red, cell nuclei in blue):

DNA and Protein Sorting/Purification

• Use our arrays of nanotubes (carbon or other materials) and arrays of pores and dots to sort DNA and proteins

Subcellular Probing/Nanotube Needle Project

• Use our high aspect ratio carbon nanotube needles to directly investigate and correlate spatial, temporal, electrical, chemical, mechanical, and optical events happening inside live cells in real-time. 

Subcellular probing
FISH Project

• Use our nanoarray of spikes/tubes to improve FISH procedures (FISH is used in correlating gene mutations and analyzing disease states)