Micro- and Nano-Fabrication


  • Uniform self-assembled AAO nanopore arrays
  • Uniform nanopost/nanotube arrays using bottom-up fabrication techniques (nanoposts/tubes made of carbon, Au, Si, polymer)
  • Nano-probes and nano-sensors
  • Anodization, pore-widening, electrodeposition, electroless deposition, e-beam evaporation
  • Dry Etching: RIE, Ion Milling
  • Wet Etching
  • Lithography: e-beam, optical


1_No Desc 1


Xu, J.M.

Nanotubes Grown On Gl


Nanotubes grown on glass

Mehrmanesh, L.

No Desc 2


Xu, J.M.

No Desc 3


Xu, J.M.

SCloutier Personal Obl


Oblique SEM view of periodic gold-nanodot arrays on glass substrate.

Cloutier, S.


Ref 149


SEM of Matrix

J. F. Waters, L. Riester, M. Jouzi, P. R. Guduru, and J. M. Xu "Buckling instabilities in multi-walled carbon nanotubes under uniaxial compression", APL, 85(10), 1787-1789, 2004.

1_HChik Thesis AuPd-si


Large variation of sputtered AuPd particle size

Fab Pattern


Process flow illustrating the two step anodization process whereby the highly ordered pretexturing left behind after the 1st anodization leads to the formation of highly ordered nanochannels after the 2nd anodization

HChik Thesis SEM


SEM cross-sectional image showing the thickness of the mesh-like formation of ZnO nanorods

HChik Thesis TEM


In-situ TEM imaging of real-time VLS growth of Ge nanowires starting with a Au catalyst

Chik, H (2004). Zinc Oxide Nanorods. PhD Thesis, Brown University, RI.

Ref 157


Fabrication Process

J. Liang, H. Luo, R. Beresford, and J.M. Xu, "A growth pathway for highly ordered quantum dot arrays", Appl. Phys. Lett., 85, 5974-5976, 2004.