• Quantum wire, well, and dot arrays
  • Fabrication, characterization, understanding, and applications of highly ordered nanowire/nanopost/nanotube arrays (made of carbon, Au, ZnO, Si, SiO 2, PDMS, and other polymers)
  • DNA sequencing and protein sorting with nanotube/nanopost arrays
  • Nano-probes and sensors
  • Using AAO membrane to nanopattern PDMS
  • Molecular diffusion and organization in highly ordered nanostructures
  • IR detection in highly ordered CNT arrays
  • Electro-mechanical coupling in CNTs
  • Biomolecule-enabled, controllable self-assembly of nanocomponents and the purposeful harnessing of biofunctionality on the nano scale. Specific investigations include:
    • The wiring of redox proteins to CNTs by a self-assembling DNA link and translating the electrochemical ‘signature’ of the proteins into an informative bio-signal that can serve as a bio-sensing system
    • The harnessing of motor proteins to drive and direct the transport of nanocomponents


JKim Tubes


Carbon Nanotubes

Xu, J.M.

Rguico Sem


SEM top view of a typical AAO template on a GaAs substrate. Top-left inset is the FFT of the SEM image; bottom-left inset is the pore size distribution.

Ref 149 1


Schematic diagram of the nanoindentation experiment setup.

Ref 149 2


Force-vs-displacement results for the (a) 100 nm and (b) 50 nm multi-walled CNT samples.

J. F. Waters, L. Riester, M. Jouzi, P. R. Guduru, and J. M. Xu "Buckling instabilities in multi-walled carbon nanotubes under uniaxial compression", APL, 85(10), 1787-1789, 2004.

Hope Chik Thesis 2


Oblique angle SEM image of the nanorod and substrate interface taken in a less dense area

Chik, H.

Hope Chik Thesis 3


ZnO nanodendrites branching off a main “trunk” nanorod

Chik, H.

Hope Chik Thesis 4


SEM image showing the well defined hexagonal facets along the length of the ZnO nanorod

Chik, H.

Hope Chik Thesis 5


A single ZnO nanorod in resonance

Chik, H.

Chik, H (2004). Zinc Oxide Nanorods. PhD Thesis, Brown University, RI.

Ref 153


(a) SEM image of highly ordered Au nanodot array on GaN mimicking the anodized aluminum oxide membrane template. SEM images of ZnO nanorods grown on GaN: (b) Long-range ordering determined by the AAO template; (c) Highly ordered array with a mean diameter of 60 nm and spacing of 110 nm; and (d) Oblique angle view of vertically aligned nanorod array with a mean length of 400 nm.

H. Chik, J. Liang, S. G. Cloutier, N. Kouklin, and J. M. Xu, "Periodic array of uniform ZnO nanorods by second-order self-assembly" Appl. Phys. Lett. 84, 3376-3378, (2004)