Thermal Characterization, Sensing and Management of Computing Devices

Thermal Sensor Allocation and Thermal Characterization: The objective of this project is to identify the possible location of hot spots arising from the execution of different workloads and to accordingly find the optimal allocation of thermal sensors in design time. Thermal sensors occupy valuable silicon area and minimizing their area while capturing the hot spots is quite important. We also devise soft sensing techniques to improve the resolution of thermal sensors through computational techniques. 

Proactive Adaptive Performance in Thermal Management Environment: Many-core processors have many knobs to adjust their performance. Performance and voltage scaling are one of the most powerful knobs. This project seeks to find optimal frequency and voltage settings to avoid future thermal emergencies. Avoiding thermal emergencies ensures steady throughput and improves the reliability of semiconductor devices.

Current People Involved:

- Sherief Reda
- Nowroz Adbullah

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