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The R. Hurt laboratory at Brown focuses on the creation of 3D nanomaterial architectures and new nano-enabled technologies.  We also study the potential adverse effects of emerging 2D nanomaterials on human health and the environment and work to identify safe design rules rooted in fundamental materials chemistry and physics that will enable their successful development and commercialization.   PI Robert Hurt and a diverse team of staff and student researchers at Brown University represent 6 countries and diverse backgrounds in chemistry and engineering.  We specialize in work on graphene-based materials, inorganic 2D materials, and metallic nanoparticles, and seek to understand the complex problems that arise at the interface between synthetic nanomaterials and natural and living systems. 












Front row (left to right): Robert Hurt, Amanda Laidler, Eric Chao, Evan Grey, Cintia Castilho, Ruben Spitz-Steinberg.

Back row (left to right): Sara Berhane, David Lu, Zachary Saleeba, Po-Yen Chen, Mengke Zhang, Muchun Liu, Kyle Gion.












"Labbey Road"

Recent News

  • Joint work with the Huajian Gao and Agnes Kane labs published in PNAS.  Link....
  • Ruben Spitz wins best poster award at the NIEHS Environmental Health Sciences FEST 
  • Our newest article in ACS Nano: "Hierarchical Metal Oxide Topographies Replicated from Highly Textured Graphene by Intercalation Templating"  Link....
  • Read our recent editorial review:  "Carbon Science in 2016: Status, Challenges, and Perspectives"
  • Po-Yen Chen joins the group as a David Hibbitt post-doctoral fellow
  • Our NIEHS "Superfund" center on environmental health renewed for 5 years.  Read more...
  • On the road in 2016: Harvard University, Applied Physics Colloquium Seminar: “Out of Their Comfort Zone - Low-Dimensional Materials in Biological Environments”; Invited talk at the 8th International Nanotoxicology Conference: "Biological and environmental transformations of emerging 2D materials"; Departmental seminars at Rice University, Materials Science and Nanoengineering; University of Rhode Island, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  NIEHS 50th Anniversary Environmental Health FEST.    Upcoming: Invited talk at the Gordon Conference on Environmental Nanotechnology, Stowe, VT, June 2017

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