Selected Recent Publications:


Muchun Liu, Po-Yen Chen, and Robert H. Hurt, "Graphene Inks as Versatile Templates for Printing Tiled Metal Oxide Crystalline Films"Advanced Materials, . Link to article

Po-Yen Chen, Mengke Zhang, Muchun Liu, Ian Y Wong, and Robert H. Hurt, "Ultra-Stretchable Graphene-Based Molecular Barriers for Chemical Protection, Detection, and Actuation"ACS Nano (Just Accepted Manuscript) (2017), . Link to article

Ruben Spitz Steinberg , Michelle Cruz, Naser G. A. Mahfouz, Yang Qiu , and Robert H. Hurt, “Breathable Vapor Toxicant Barriers Based on Multilayer Graphene Oxide” ACS Nano, 11 (6) 5670–5679 (2017) . Link to article

Zhongying Wang, Yin-Jia Zhang, Muchun Liu, Andrew Peterson and Robert H. Hurt, “Oxidation suppression during hydrothermal phase reversion allows synthesis of monolayer semiconducting MoS2 in stable aqueous suspension” Nanoscale, 9 5398-5403 (2017) . Link to article

Yang Qiu, Samuel Moore, Robert Hurt and Indrek Külaots, "Influence of external heating rate on the structure and porosity of thermally exfoliated graphite oxide" Carbon, 111 651-657 (2017). Link to article

Po-Yen Chen, Muchun Liu, Zhongying Wang, Robert H. Hurt, Ian Y. Wong, “From Flatland to Spaceland: Higher Dimensional Patterning with Two-Dimensional Materials” Advanced Materials, 29 (23) 1521-4095 (2017). Link to article

Po-Yen Chen, Muchun Liu, Thomas M. Valentin, Zhongying Wang, Ruben Spitz Steinberg, Jaskiranjeet Sodhi, Ian Y. Wong, and Robert H. Hurt, “Hierarchical Metal Oxide Topographies Replicated from Highly Textured Graphene Oxide by Intercalation Templating” ACS Nano, 10 (12), pp 10869–10879 (2016). Link to article

Wenpeng Zhu, Annette von dem Bussche, Xin Yi,Yang Qiu, Zhongying Wang, Paula Weston, Robert H. Hurt, Agnes B. Kane & Huajian Gao, “Nanomechanical mechanism for lipid bilayer damage induced by carbon nanotubes confined in intracellular vesicles” Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., 113 (44) 12374-12379 (2016). Link to article

Zhongying Wang, Annette von dem Bussche, Yang Qiu, Thomas M. Valentin, Kyle Gion, Agnes B. Kane, Robert H. Hurt, “Chemical dissolution pathways of MoS2 nanosheets in biological and environmental media”, Environmental Science & Technology, 2016, 50 (13), 7208–7217.  Link to article 

Zhongying Wang, Wenpeng Zhu, Yang Qiu, Xin Yi, Annette von dem Bussche, Agnes Kane, Huajian Gao, Kristie Koski, Robert Hurt, “Biological and environmental interactions of emerging two-dimensional nanomaterials”, Chemical Society Reviews, 45, 1750-1780 (2016).  Link to article

Po-Yen Chen, Jaskiranjeet Sodhi, Yang Qiu, Thomas M. Valentin, Ruben Spitz Steinberg, Zhongying Wang, Robert H. Hurt, Ian Y. Wong, “Multiscale Graphene Topographies Programmed by Sequential Mechanical Deformation”, Advanced Materials, 28 3564–3571 (2016).  Link.....

Megan A. Creighton, Wenpeng Zhu, Finn Van Krieken, Robert A. Petteruti, Huajian Gao, Robert H. Hurt, “Three-dimensional Graphene-Based Microbarriers for Controlling Release and Reactivity in Colloidal Liquid Phases”, ACS Nano, in press (2016). Link...

Jin Zhang, Mauricio Terrones, Chong Rae Park, Rahul Mukherjee, Marc Monthioux, Nikhil Koratkar, Yern Seung Kim, Robert Hurt, Elzbieta Frackowiak, Toshiaki Enoki, Yuan Chen, Yongsheng Chen, Alberto Bianco, “Carbon science in 2016: Status, challenges and perspectives” an editorial review article, Carbon, 98 708-732 (2016). Link to article....      --> also read news story and quotes in Materials Today

Yang Qiu, Collin Felten, Robert H. Hurt, Indrek Külaots “Thermochemistry and kinetics of graphite oxide exothermic decomposition for safety in large-scale storage and processing”, Carbon, 96  20-28 (2016). Link....

Zhongying Wang, Daniel Tonderys, Susan E. Leggett, Evelyn Kendall Williams, Mehrdad T. Kiani, Ruben Spitz Steinberg, Yang Qiu, Ian Y. Wong, Robert H. Hurt, “Wrinkled, wavelength-tunable graphene-based surface topographies for directing cell alignment and morphology”, Carbon 97, 14-24 (2016).  (Special issue on biomedical applications of nanocarbons).  Read article...

Yang Qiu, Fei Guo, Robert Hurt, Indrek Kulaots, “Explosive thermal reduction of graphene oxide-based materials: mechanism and safety implications”, Carbon, 72 215–223 (2014). - link

 Creighton MA, Ohata Y, Miyawaki J, Bose A, Hurt RH, “ Two-Dimensional Materials as Emulsion Stabilizers: Interfacial Thermodynamics and Molecular Barrier Properties”, Langmuir, 30 (13), 3687–3696 (2014). - link

 Rodd A, Creighton M, Vaslet C, Rangel Mendez J, Hurt RH, Kane AB, “Effects of Surface-Engineered Nanoparticle-Based Dispersants for Marine Oil Spills on the Model Organism Artemia franciscana", Envi. Sci. Tech. in press, (2014). - link

Chakraborty I, Bodurtha K, Heeder N, Godfrin M, Tripathi A, Hurt RH, Shukla A, Bose A, “Massive Electrical Conductivity Enhancement of Multilayer Graphene/Polystyrene Composites Using a Non-Conductive Filler” ACS Appl. Materials and Interfaces, in press (2014).

Y. Qiu, Z. Wang, A. Owens, I. Kulaots, A.B. Kane, R.H. Hurt, “Antioxidant Chemistry of Graphene-Based Materials and its Role in Oxidation Protection Technology”, Nanoscale, 2014, 6, 11744-1175. - link

Bianco A, Cheng HM, Enoki T, Gogotsi Y, Hurt RH, Koratkar N, Kyotani T, Monthioux M, Park CR, Tascon JMD, Zhang J,, “All in the graphene family - a recommended nomenclature for two-dimensional carbon materials” Carbon, 65 1-6 (2013).  - link

Zhongying Wang, Pranita Kabadi, Annette von dem Bussche, Agnes B. Kane, Robert H. Hurt, “Biological and Environmental Transformations of Copper-Based Nanomaterials”, ACS Nano, 7 (10) 8715–8727 (2013). - link

Yantao Chen, Fei Guo, Yang Qiu, Hiroe Hu, Indrek Kulaots, Edward Walsh, Robert H. Hurt, "Encapsulation of Particle Ensembles in Graphene Nanosacks as a New Route to Multifunctional Materials", ACS Nano, 2013 - link.

Megan Creighton, J. Rene Rangel-Mendez, Jiaxing Huang, Agnes Kane, Robert H. Hurt, "Graphene Induced Optical and Adsorptive Artifacts During In Vitro Toxicology Assays", Small, 2013 - link.

Amartya Mukhopadhyay, Fei Guo, Anton Tokranov, Xingcheng Xiao, Robert H. Hurt, Brian W. Sheldon, "Engineering of Graphene Layer Orientation to Attain High Rate Capability and Anisotropic Properties in Li Ion Battery Electrodes", Advanced Functional Materials, 2013 - link.

Jingyu Liu, Zhongying Wang, Agnes Kane, Robert H. Hurt, "Chemical Transformations of NanoSilver in Biological Environments", ACS Nano, 6 (11), 9887–9899 (2012) - link.

Fei Guo, Gregory Silverberg, Shin Bowers, Sang-Pil Kim, Dibakar Datta, Vivek Shenoy, Robert H. Hurt, "Graphene-Based Environmental Barriers", Environmenal Science and Technology, 46 (14), 7717–7724 (2012) - link.

Ashish C. Jachak, Megan Creighton, Yang Qiu, Agnes B. Kane, Robert H. Hurt, "Biological Interactions and Safety of Graphene Materials", MRS Bulletin, 37 (12), 1307-1313 (2012) - link.

Yantao Chen, Fei Guo, Ashish Jachak, Sang-Pil Kim, Dibakar Datta, Jingyu Liu, Indrk Kulaots, Charles Vaslet, Hee Dong Jang, Jiaxing Huang, Agnes Kane, Vivek B. Shenoy, Robert H. Hurt, "Aerosol Synthesis of Cargo-Filled Graphene Nanosacks", Nano Letters, 12 (4), 1996-2002 (2012) - link.

Jingyu Liu, John Katahara, Guanglai Li, Seth Coe-Sullivan, Robert H. Hurt, "Degradation Products from Consumer Nanocomposites: A Case Study on Quantum Dot Lighting", Environmental Science and Technology, 46 (6), 3220-3227 (2012) - link.

Fei Guo, Robert H. Hurt, "Supramolecular Synthesis of Graphenic Mesogenic Materials", Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics, 213 (10-11), 1164-1174 (2012) - link.

Vanesa C. Sanchez, Ashish Jachak, Robert H. Hurt, Agnes B. Kane, "Biological Interactions of Graphene-Family Nanomaterials – An Interdisciplinary Review", Chemical Research in Toxicology, 25 (1), 15-34 (2012) - link.

Fei Guo, Franklin Kim, Tae Hee Han, Vivek B. Shenoy, Jiaxing Huang, Robert H. Hurt, "Hydration-Responsive Folding and Unfolding in Graphene Oxide Liquid Crystal Phases", ACS Nano, 5 (10), 8019-8025 (2011) - link.

Xinghua Shi, Annette von dem Bussche, Robert H. Hurt, Agnes B. Kane, Huajian Gao, "Cell Entry of One-Dimensional Nanomaterials Occurs by Tip Recognition and Rotation", Nature Nanotechnology, 6, 714-719 (2011) - link.

Jodie R. Pietruska, Xinyuan Liu, Ashley Smith, Kevin McNeil, Paula Weston, Anatoly Zhitkovich, Robert Hurt, Agnes B. Kane, "Bioavailability, Intracellular Mobilization of Nickel, and HIF-1α Activation in Human Lung Epithelial Cells Exposed to Metallic Nickel and Nickel Oxide Nanoparticles", Toxicological Sciences, 124 (1), 138-148 (2011) - link.

Jingyu Liu, Kelly G. Pennell, Robert H. Hurt, "Kinetics and Mechanisms of Nanosilver Oxysulfidation", Environmental Science and Technology, 45 (17), 7345–7353 (2011) - link.

Xinyuan Liu, Sujat Sen, Jingyu Liu, Inrek Kulaots, David Geohegan, Agnes Kane, Alex A. Puretzky, Christopher M. Rouleau, Karren L. More, G. Tayhas R. Palmore, Robert H. Hurt, "Antioxidant Deactivation on Graphenic Nanocarbon Surfaces", Small, 7 (19), 2775-2785 (2011) - link.

Vanesa C. Sanchez, Paula Weston, Aihui Yan, Robert H. Hurt, Agnes B. Kane, “A 3-Dimensional in vitro Model of Epithelioid Granulomas Induced by High Aspect Ratio Nanomaterials", Particle and Fibre Toxicology, 8 (17), ( 2011) - link.

Fei Guo, Amartya Mukhopadhyay, Brian W. Sheldon, Robert H. Hurt, "Vertically Aligned Graphene Layer Arrays from Chromonic Liquid Crystal Precursors", Advanced Materials, 23 (4), 508-513 (2011) - link.

Jingyu Liu, David A. Sonshine, Saira Shervani, Robert H. Hurt, "Controlled Release of Biologically Active Silver from Nanosilver Surfaces", ACS Nano, 4 (11), 6903-6913 (2010) - link.

Love Sarin, Vanesa S. Sanchez, Aihui Yan, Agnes B. Kane, Robert H. Hurt, "Selenium-Carbon Bifunctional Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Malignant Mesothelioma", Advanced Materials, 22 (45), 5207-5211 (2010) - link.

Phong A. Tran, Love Sarin, Robert H. Hurt, Thomas J. Webster, "Differential Effects of Nanoselenium Doping on Healthy and Cancerous Osteoblasts in Coculture on Titanium", International Journal of Nanomedicine, 5, 351-358 (2010) - link.

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James C. Hower, Constance L. Senior, Eric M. Suuberg, Robert H. Hurt, Jennifer L. Wilcox, Edwin S. Olson, "Mercury Capture by Native Fly Ash Carbons on Coal-Fired Power Plants", Progress in Energy and Combustion Science, 36 (4), 510-529 (2010) - link.

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Lorin M. Jakubek, Spiro Marangoudakis, Jesica Raingo, Xinyuan Liu, Diane Lipscombe, Robert H. Hurt, "The Inhibition of Neuronal Calcium Ion Channels by Trace Levels of Yttrium Released from Carbon Nanotubes", Biomaterials, 30 (31), 6351-6357 (2009) - link.

Xinyuan Liu, Daniel Vinson, Dawn Abt, Robert H. Hurt, David M. Rand, "Differential Toxicity of Carbon Nanomaterials in Drosophila: Larval Dietary Uptake is Benign, but Adult Exposure Causes Locomotor Impairment and Mortality", Environmental Science and Technology, 43 (16), 6357-6363 (2009) - link.

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Vanesa C. Sanchez, Jodie R. Pietruska, Nathan R. Miselis, Robert H. Hurt, Agnes B. Kane, "Biopersistence and Potential Adverse Health Impacts of Fibrous Nanomaterials: What Have We Learned from Asbestos?", Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Nanomedicine and Nanobiotechnology, 1 (5), 511-529 (2009) - link.

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Lin Guo, Annette von dem Bussche, Michelle Buechner, Aihui Yan, Agnes B. Kane, Robert H. Hurt, "Adsorption of Essential Micronutrients by Carbon Nanotubes and the Implications for Nanotoxicity Testing", Small, 4 (6), 721-727 (2008) - link.

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Robert H. Hurt, Zhong-Ying Chen, "Liquid Crystals and Carbon Materials", Physics Today, 53 (3), 39-44 (2000) - link.

Recent Presentations:

"Modern approaches to the atomic-level design of functional carbon materials" Keynote lecture at the Topical Meeting of the International Electrochemical Society, Angra dos Reis, Brazil, March 2015

Skating on Atomically Thin Ice - Toward the Safe Design of Low-Dimensional Carbons”, Invited lecture at the Gordon Conference on Carbon Materials, June 2014 

Biology in Flatland – Toward Safe Design of Graphene-Based Materials,  Keynote lecture at the Fall National ACS Meeting, August, 2014 San Francisco in session on Environmental Applications and Implications of Graphene-Based Nanomaterials

“Soft Matter Behavior and Biological Interactions of Graphene Materials”, Invited keynote talk at Carbon2014, Jeju Island, Korea, July 2014

“Skating on Atomically Thin Ice – Toward Safe Design of Low-Dimensional Nanocarbons“, Invited talk, NSF Nanoscale Science and Engineering Grantees Conference, 2013, Arlington, VA, December 2013.

Collaborative Science for Safe Nanomaterial Design”, Keynote lecture at the 11th Annual Robert M. Langer Symposium, Friday, December 6th, Yale Univ. Dept. of Chemical and Environmental Engineering.