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Brown UniversityBrown University

Sidney Frank Hall for Life SciencesSidney Frank Hall for Life SciencesWelcome to the Gerbi lab! We provide a supportive and intellectually stimulating environment to engage in cutting edge research in molecular/cell biology of nucleic acids. Brown University is a vibrant interactive place with invisible boundaries between departments, fostering multidisciplinary interactions. We have engaged in collaborative research on:


  • DNA amplification in breast cancer with hospital-based surgeons, oncologists and pathologists affiliated with the Brown University School of Medicine.
  • Genomic analysis of initiation of replication with colleagues in Computer Science and in Applied Math
  • Novel target sites in ribosomal RNA as a platform for new classes of antibiotics, together with colleagues in the departments of Medicine and Computer Science.

Rhode Island: The Ocean StateRhode Island: The Ocean StateBrown University, founded in 1764 and one of the oldest universities in the USA, is in a delightful colonial residential neighborhood that is just a 10 minute walk from downtown Providence, which has been rated by US News and World Reports as one of the best small cities in our nation. Providence is located on scenic Narragansett Bay. Boston is only one hour away, New Haven is two hours away and New York City is four hours away, all accessible by train, bus or car.