Professional Educational Materials and Chapters in Books

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Errata: There are three errors in this publication.  1) Methods: Calculation of the net current dipole in our model was in a direction PARALLEL to the longitudinal axis of the apical dendrite. 2) Results: It is stated that a scaling factor of 30,000 was multiplied applied to the model results (Figure 6). It was actually 3000. 3) Table 2, input times of FB inputs should be 70ms not 7ms. 


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Errata: There are two errors in this publication.  1) Methods: Calculation fo the net current dipole in our model was in a direction PARALLEL to the longitudinal axis of the apical dendrite. 2) Results: It is stated that a scaling factor of 3,000 was multiplied applied to the model results (Figure 5 and Figure 6). It was actually 300. 


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