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Collaboration for Preclinical and Clinical Research

Lee Lab is highly open to collaboration.

Our group is seeking collaboration that applies our technologies for preclinical and clinical research ranging from disease mechanism studies in animal models to diagnosis and treatment of human patients. Please click here to see what technologies are currently available for collaboration. Our collaboration can be categorized but not limited to the types below. Please contact the PI for any discussion.

Type I. Preliminary Investigation

We can help you preliminarily test your hypothesis with our techniques and resources. This pilot collaboration may lead to cooperative grant application, coauthored publication, and/or other types of collaboration described below.

Type II. System Setup

We can help you setup a system in your lab so that you can acquire data from your samples or animal models. You can analyze data at your own, but we recommend collaboration type III in parallel since raw data acquired by our techniques are generally very large as ~100 GB per imaging.

Type III. Data Processing

As our technologies require complicated image processing that significantly benefits from Lee Lab's servers and well-trained personnel, we can receive your data, process them, and send a report back to you with processed data for further analysis on your side. This collaboration will not only let you focus on biology but also result in objective data analysis with the blind-test manner.

Ongoing Collaborations

(in preparation)