Jonghwan Lee, PhD
Assistant Professor of Biomedical Engineering


Debra Godino
Administrative Manager

Postdoctoral Fellow

Taeseok Yang, PhD
PhD in Physics at Korea University

PhD Student

Jang-Hoon Lee
BS in Biomedical Engineering at Johns Hopkins University
Sabina Stefan
BS in Applied Mathematics at University of Cape Town
Jiarui Nie
ScM in Biotechnology at East China University of Science and Technology
Ahbid Zein-Sabatto
ScM in Biomedical Engineering at Brown University
Hafithe AlGhosain
ScM in Biomedical Engineering at Brown University

ScM Student

Adrian Bico
BS in Bioengineering at University of Illinois, Chicago
Kenzie Magnan
BS in Biomedical Engineering at Wentworth Institute of Technology
Ramisa Fariha
BS in Biomedical Engineering at Pennsylvania State University
Julian Montagut
BS in Chemical Engineering at McGill University
Kareem Hussein
BS in Biomedical Engineering at Purdue University
Aaron Cherian
BS in Bioengineering at University of Maryland, College Park
Swathi Pisupati
BS in Neuroscience at Florida Atlantic University
Alexander Neifert
Medical student at University of South Florida Morsani College of Medicine
Madison Woo
BS in Biomedical Engineering at Brown University
Paula Choconta
BS in Biomedical Engineering at Brown University

Undergraduate Student

Arthur Chen
'20 in Biomedical Engineering
Bruno Felalaga
'20 in Biomedical Engineering
Gaia-Marie Gerbaka
'21 in Biomedical Engineering
Esmeralda Montas
'21 in Electrical Engineering
Paul Secchia
'21 in Biomedical Engineering
Carli Langevin
'21 in Biomedical Engineering
Zachary LaJoie
'22 in Biomedical Engineering
Mohannad Jabrah
'22 in Biomedical Engineering
Leon Zhao
'22 in Biomedical Engineering
Seong Wook Park
'22 in Neuroscience
Oren Lederberg
'23 in Engineering
Sreshtaa Rajesh
'23 in Electrical Engineering & Neuroscience
Priya Bhanot
'23 in Neuroscience
Anna Kim
'23 in Neuroscience

Visiting Scholar



Postdoctoral Fellow
Fangjian Xing (2016-18) appointed to tenure-track faculty in China
Kyungsik Eom (2016-19) appointed to tenure-track faculty in South Korea
PhD Student
Julia Lee (2016-18) postdoc
ScM Student
Ki-Soo Jeong (2016-18) PhD student in Brown
Shannon Crowley (2017-18) industrial job in California
Kristine Ma (2017-19) PhD student in Boston
Ahbid Zein-Sabatto (2017-19) PhD student at Brown
Hafithe AlGhosain (2017-19) PhD student at Brown
Undergraduate Student
Madison Woo (2016-17) ScM at Brown
Konrad Walek (2016-18) medical school
Mikayla Tinus (2016-18) industrial job in Boston
Adil Akif (2017-18) PhD at Yale
Madison Kuhn (2017-18) PhD at Penn State
Zachary Ricca (2017-18) industrial job in Boston
Joshua Greene (2017-18) medical school
Itzel Aponte (2017-19) ...
Jose Reyes (2018-19) medical school

Lab Photo

Fall 2019Fall 2019 Jang-Hoon, Jiarui, Kareem, Arthur, Collin, Havi
Carli, Ahbid, Adrian, Madison, Alex
Zach, Mohannad, Ramisa, Jonghwan, Julian, Paula, Swathi
(Taeseok, Sabina, Kenzie, Aaron, Bruno, Gaia, Esmeralda, Paul)

Fall 2018Fall 2018 Jang-Hoon, Jose, (Sophie Brown,) Sophie Neumann, Kenzie, Dana, Adrian
Ahbid, Ramisa, Sabina, Erick, Bruno, Arthur, Fangjian, Taeseok
Collin, Kristine, Jonghwan, Kareem, Julian, Aaron
(Kyungsik, Ki-Soo, Havi, Vishnu, Itzel, Noah, Gaia)

Fall 2017Fall 2017Arthur, Joshua, Konrad, Zachary, Ahbid, Hafithe, Vishnu, Shannon
Kristine, Ki-Soo, Collin, Julia, Jonghwan, Mikayla, Sabina, Jang-Hoon, Kyungsik
(Fangjian, Adil, Madison Kuhn)