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Research Overview (pdf) 

Functional Precision Medicine

We develop optical techniques for label-free, multi-metric, 3D cell viability imaging of tissue spheroids toward functional precision medicine.
• Brown University Salomon Faculty Research Award 
Dynamic light scattering optical coherence tomography (DLS-OCT) (2012)
Quantitative imaging of cerebral blood flow velocity and intracellular motility using DLS-OCT (2013)
Standard-unit measurement of cellular viability using DLS-OCT (2018)

Cerebral Microvascular Imaging

We develop and apply OCT techniques for advanced imaging of microvasculature and microcirculation in the brain of disease model animals. OCT (optical coherence tomography) enables label-free, microscopic, three-dimensional imaging of various vascular and cellular dynamics, including blood flow, cellular viability, and neuronal activity. It has been recognized as the latest innovation milestone in the history of biomedical engineering by American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering.
• NIH/NIBIB K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award
• Rhode Island Foundation Medical Research Fund
• Brown University Research Seed Award

Multiple-capillary measurement of RBC speed, flux, and density with OCT (2013)
Statistical intensity variation analysis for rapid volumetric imaging of capillary network flux (2014)
Early capillary flux homogenization in response to neural activation (2016)
OCT imaging of capillary reperfusion after ischemic stroke (2016)
Doppler OCT clutter rejection using variance minimization and offset extrapolation (2018) 

Photonic Neural Interface

We develop, optimize, and validate novel neural interfaces based on photonics.
Measurement of fast optical signal of neural activity in brain tissue and its theoretical origin (2010)
Multiphysics neuron model for cellular volume dynamics (2011)
- Motion correction for phase-resolved dynamic OCT imaging of rodent cerebral cortex (2011)

Theoretical study on gold nanorod-enhanced near-infrared neural stimulation (2018) 

Intra-Operative Microscopy

We develop, optimize, and validate medical devices for label-free, high-resolution imaging to guide surgery in real time.
Confocal profile and curved focal plane for OCT mapping of the attenuation coefficient (2018)