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ENGN0510 Electricity and Magnetism

Fall 2017 (co-teaching with Prof. Rod Beresford)
Fall 2018 (co-teaching with Prof. Daniel Mittleman)
Fundamental laws of electricity and magnetism and their role in engineering applications. Concepts of charge, current, potential, electric field, magnetic field, resistance, capacitance, and inductance. Electric and magnetic properties of materials. Electromagnetic wave propagation. Lectures, recitation, and laboratory.
Syllabus: 2017, 2018

ENGN1930B Biomedical Optics

Spring 2017
Spring 2018
Spring 2019
This course covers fundamental optics as well as the principles and applications of the latest optical three-dimensional imaging technologies.  It provides students with the opportunities to learn and apply 3D image processing techniques for real-world imaging data.
Syllabus: 20172018, 2019

ENGN1930B Photonics and Biophotonics

Spring 2016
This course covers fundamental optics and various techniques for imaging biological tissue structures and dynamics.