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Polyomavirus AttachmentPolyomavirus Attachment

Compound stymies polyomaviruses in lab
November 13, 2013
 |  Media Contact: David Orenstein |  401-863-1862
There is no approved medicine to treat polyomaviruses, which afflict people with weakened immune systems, but scientists have found that a chemical compound called Retro-2 is able to reduce significantly the infectivity and spread of the viruses in lab cell cultures. Now they are working to improve it. READ MORE...


Mystery of the mutant polyomavirus
June 11, 2013
 |  Media Contact: David Orenstein |  401-863-1862
A new study shows that common mutant forms of the deadly JC polyomavirus are not responsible for the pathogen’s main attack, which causes a brain-damaging disease in immunocompromised patients called progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy. But that finding raises the ominous question of what the mutants might be up to instead.  READ MORE...

Deadly virus reveals a potential weakness
October 20, 2010
 |  Media Contact: David Orenstein |  401-863-1862
A new study of the JC polyomavirus, a devastating pathogen that attacks brain cells in patients with compromised immune systems, has revealed how it binds to its targets, providing a basis for developing drugs to interrupt that process. READ MORE...

Brown Professor to Lead $6-Million NIH Grant to Study Rare Brain Disease
November 6, 2009
 |  Media Contact: Mark Hollmer |  401-863-2476
Walter Atwood, professor of medical science, will lead research efforts to determine how the JC virus, which can cause a rare brain disease known as PML, attaches to host cells. He will collaborate with research teams at Dartmouth College and the University of Tübingen in Germany. READ MORE...