Atwood Lab, May 2013Atwood Lab, May 2013

Current Lab Members

Walter J. Atwood, PhD                           Sheila Haley, PhD
Professor of Medical Science                         Assistant Professor of Medical           Vice Chair, MCB                                               Sciences (Research)            [email protected]                         [email protected]         

Gretchen Gee, PhD                                     Bethany O'Hara, MS
Assistant Professor of Molecular Biology,   Lab Manager 
Cell Biology and Biochemistry                       [email protected]
[email protected]

Jenna Morris-Love                                    Benedetta Assetta
Graduate Student                                              Postdoctoral Associate                                [email protected]                      [email protected]      

Kimberly Seymour
Lab Assistant
[email protected]

Atwood Lab Alumni

Stacy-Ann (Allen) Ramdial, PhD        Aaron Derdowski, PhD
The Poston Collective                                     Proactive Worldwide
[email protected]                      [email protected]

Sylvia (Dimitrova) Eash, PhD               Aisling Dugan, PhD
Partners Healthcare                                         Assumption College
[email protected]                                    [email protected]

Joslynn (Jordan) Faustino, PhD         Aarthi Ashok, PhD
Butler Hospital                                                 University of Toronto
[email protected]                        [email protected]

Kate (Manley) Luisi, PhD                       William Querbes, PhD
GlaxoSmithKline                                              Alnylam Pharmaceutical
[email protected]                            [email protected]

Megan Stanifer, PhD                                Becky Schweighardt, PhD
University of Heidelberg                                 BioMarin Pharmaceutical
[email protected]        

Melissa Maginnis, PhD                              Christian Nelson, PhD
University of Maine                                           SUNY Cortland
[email protected]                        [email protected]

Gwendolyn Fonseca Elphick, PhD       Stephen Zins, PhD
Skidmore College                                               Portsmouth Abbey School

Undergraduate Alumni

Hannah Holdstein, 2011               Frances Brittingham, 2014                                 Rahul Banerjee, 2009                                      LeeAnn Filosa, 2009
Nisha Narula, 2008                                          Sarah Wilson, 2005
Kinjal Patel, 2005                                             Alejandro Vasquez, 2005
Olivia Rissland, 2003                                       Leigh Baxt, 2002
Andrew Kwon, 2001                                         Benjamin Chen, 2000
Katharine Beach, 1999                                     Mai T Pho, 1999
Farooq Ahmed, 1998                                        Grant Wei, 1998
Andrew Cheifetz, 1997                                      Andrew Hope, 1997
Jessica Kobil, 1997                                            Roni Mintz, 1997
T. Nicole Walker, 1997                                     Christine K. Liu, 1996