Group Meeting Schedule

Full group meetings are Wednesdays @3:00 PM in GC246; All are welcome to attend! Our meetings consist of a research presentation and two brief literature review presentations. 

Other Sub-Group Meetings

Our weekly DARPA Molecular Informatics Team meeting is held each Tuesday @ 4:00 PM in ERC350. We present on our research and relevant articles. 

We routinely hold a meeting on Tuesdays @ 2:00 PM in GC246 on molecular computing algorithms. 

EPSCOR Geno2Pheno meetings are held via Zoom on Molecular Modeling (Tuesdays @ 1:00 PM) and PhiX (Thursdays @ 1 PM). 

Monthly meetings on condensates are held in Barus and Holley on Tuesdays @ 2:00 PM. 

Multiple Center for Predictive Simulations of Functional Materials Meetings are held remotely every two weeks. 


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