Graduate Physical Chemistry Advising

Graduate Physical Chemistry Advising

If you are interested in pursuing a Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry and have curricular questions, please arrange an appointment with me via email. I will be advising Physical Chemistry students starting Fall 2017. 

For most students interested in either experimental or theoretical chemistry, we recommend the following core courses:

Core Physical Chemistry Graduate Courses:
CHEM2010          Advanced Thermodynamics (Fall)
CHEM2020         Statistical Mechanics (Spring)
CHEM2770         Graduate Quantum Chemistry I (Fall)
CHEM2780         Graduate Quantum Chemistry II (Spring)
ENGN2010          Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics I (Fall)
ENGN2020         Mathematical Methods in Engineering and Physics II (Spring)

We also recommend the following additional courses (some of which may be substituted for core courses):

Other Suggested Physical Chemistry Graduate Courses:
​CHEM1060         Advanced Inorganic Chemistry (Fall)
CHEM1560J       Topics in Bioinorganic Chemistry (Spring)
CHEM1560N      Organometallic Chemistry (Fall)
CHEM1620A      Topics in Photoacoustics (Fall)
CHEM1700          Nanoscale Materials: Synthesis and Applications (Fall)
CHEM2320         Solid State Chemistry (Spring)
CHEM2410         Physical Organic Chemistry (Fall)
PHYS2410           Solid State Physics I (Fall)   
PHYS2600          Computational Physics (Spring)
PHYS2600          Computational Physics (Spring)

For more or less advanced students, feel free to consider taking the following:

More Advanced Courses:
​ENGN2912F       Soft Matter (Fall)
​ENGN2930         Atomistic Modeling of Materials (Fall)
​PHYS2050          Quantum Mechanics I (Fall)
​PHYS2060          Quantum Mechanics II (Spring)
​PHYS2070          Advanced Quantum Mechanics (Fall)
​PHYS2300          Quantum Theory of Fields I (Spring)         
​PHYS2430          Quantum Many-Body Theory (Fall)

Preparatory Courses:
CHEM0114        Physical Chemistry: Quantum Chemistry (Fall)
​CHEM0115        Physical Chemistry: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (Spring)
APMA0160        Introduction to Scientific Computing (Spring)
APMA0340       Methods of Applied Mathematics I, II  (Fall or Spring)        
APMA0350       Applied Ordinary Differential Equations (Fall)
APMA0360       Applied Partial Differential Equations I (Spring)
APMA1650        Statistical Inference (Fall or Spring)