Welcome to the Rubenstein Group at Brown University!

The Rubenstein Group is a theoretical chemistry group that applies both analytical and computational tools to explore a variety of problems in quantum chemistry, quantum physics, and biophysics. We currently focus upon developing new methodologies for studying problems in quantum and statistical mechanics, molecular and quantum computing, and biophysical simulation. he group welcomes summer students, undergraduates, graduate students, and postdoctoral associates from diverse backgrounds who have the passion, creativity, and perseverance to solve complex problems. 

For more information about the Group and its Research, please visit the Research, Publications, People, and Events pages below. If you are a prospective undergraduate, graduate student, or post-doc interested in the group, please contact Professor Rubenstein via email. We are always looking for interesting and passionate students! 

For more information on our DARPA Molecular Informatics project, please visit: https://molecularcomputing.info/
Full Rubenstein Summer Group, Brown Chemistry Department Lawn, July 2018
Back Row (Left to Right when viewing image): Hang Zhang (USTC), Leonard Sprague, Carson Cole (Weber State), Benjamin Foulon, Joseph Fichera, Haobo Yang, Jorge Estrada (University of Cantabria), and Yuan Liu
Front Row (Left to Right): Jeong-Pil Song, Cancan Huang, Ravindra Nanguneri, Jessie Huang (Wellesley), Wenze Gu, Prof. Rubenstein, and Daniel Choi
Missing In Action: Liyaan Maskati, Hongxia Hao, Swati Bodh (Amity University), Hersh Gupta, Omar Martinez (Blackstone Academy High)