Interesting Links

Interesting Links

Some Team Websites

Genome to Phenome EPSCOR Project Website:
Molecular Informatics Project Website:
Center for Predictive Simulation of Functional Materials:

Some Classics to Partake Of

Computer Simulations of Liquids by Allen and Tildesley
Equation of State By Fast Computing Machines by Metropolis, Rosenbluth, Rosenbluth, Teller, and Teller 
The Feynman Lectures on Physics
Ground State of the Electron Gas by a Stochastic Method by Ceperley and Alder 
Introduction to Statistical Mechanics by Chandler
Lectures on Phase Transitions and the Renormalization Group by Goldenfeld
Path Integrals in the Theory of Condensed Helium by Ceperley
Quantum Mechanics by Cohen-Tannoudji, Diu, and Laloe
​Understanding Molecular Simulation by Frenkel and Smit

Some Things to Read

The ArXiv
Journal of Chemical Physics
Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation
Nature Chemistry 
Nature Materials
Nature Physics 
Physical Review Letters

Some Things to Listen To

Feynman Lectures 
The Guardian Science Weekly Podcast
B.M. Rubenstein, Constant Stress Quantum Monte Carlo for High-Pressure Hydrogen, DOE CSGF Program Review (2012). 
B.M. Rubenstein, Finite Temperature Auxiliary-Field Quantum Monte Carlo, Institute for Nuclear Theory (2013). 
B.M. Rubenstein, Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations and the DOE CSGF Community (2015). 
Science Magazine Podcast
Science TED Talks

A Lot More Fun

Science Deserts - The Biggest Problem in US Science (Which You Should Be Trying to Solve, Too):
50 Cent Get Rich or Die Trying Album
Blackstone River Bikeway
Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine Statistics
East Bay Bike Path
Girls Who Code
HOT 97
LeBron Does Math (Sort Of)
Notorious BIG Ready to Die Album
Sounds Familiar (And Shows That I Have Listened to Music Beyond the 90s):
Postsecondary Attainment by Socioeconomic Status
The Scientist I Aspire To Become: Rick and Morty Episodes
Uncle Drew
USA Men's Basketball
Yosemite National Park