Rubenstein Group Publications

Journal Articles, Preprints, and Refereed Book Chapters

L. Sprague, C. Huang, J.-P. Song, and B. M. Rubenstein. Maximizing Thermoelectric Figures of Merit by Uniaxially Straining Indium Selenide. Journal of Physical Chemistry C (2019).

E. Kennedy, C. Arcadia, J. Geiser, P. M. Weber, C. Rose, B.M. Rubenstein, and J. Rosenstein. Encoding Information in Synthetic Metabolomes. PLOS One (2019).

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K.G. Ray,* B.M. Rubenstein,* W. Gu, and V. Lordi. vdW-Corrected Density Functional Study of Electric Field Noise Heating in Ion Traps Caused by Electrode Surface Adsorbates. New J. Phys. (2019); *Authors contributed equally to this work.

H. Hao, B.M. Rubenstein, and H. Shi. Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo for Multiband Hubbard Models: Controlling the Sign and Phase Problems to Capture Hund's Physics. Phys. Rev. B (2019). 

H. Hao, J. Shee, S. Upadhyay, C. Ataca, K. Jordan, and B.M. Rubenstein. Accurate Predictions of Electron Binding Energies of Dipole-Bound Anions via Quantum Monte Carlo Methods. Accepted into Journal of Chemical Physics Letters (2018).

T. Cai, H. Yang, K. Hills-Kimball, J.-P. Song, H. Zhu, E. Hofamn, W. Zheng, B.M. Rubenstein, and O. Chen. Synthesis of All-Inorganic Cd-Doped CsPbCl3 Perovskite Nanocrystals with Dual-Wavelength Emission. Journal of Chemical Physics Letters (2018).

C. Arcadia, H. Tann, A. Dombroski, K. Ferguson, S.-L. Chen, E. Kim, C. Rose, B.M. Rubenstein, S. Reda, and J. Rosenstein. Parallelized Linear Classification with Volumetric Chemical Perceptrons. Accepted to Proceedings of the International Conference on Rebooting Computing (2018).

Y. Liu, M. Cho, and B.M. Rubenstein. Finite Temperature Ab Initio Auxiliary Field Quantum Monte Carlo. Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation (2018).

H. Zhu, T. Cai, M. Que, J.-P. Song, B.M. Rubenstein, Z. Wang, and O. Chen. Pressure-Induced Phase Transformation and Band-Gap Engineering of Formamidinium Lead Iodide Perovskite Nanocrystals. Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters, 9(15), 4199 (2018).

J. Kim et al. QMCPACK: An Open Source Ab Initio Quantum Monte Carlo Package for the Electronic Structure of Atoms, Molecules, and Solids. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 30, 195901 (2018).

C. Rose, S. Reda, B.M. Rubenstein, and J. Rosenstein. Computing with Chemicals: Perceptrons Using Small Molecules. 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory (ISIT).

M. Gulian, H. Yang, and B.M. Rubenstein. Fractional Path Integral Monte Carlo. Submitted to JCP (2017).

B.M. Rubenstein. Introduction to the variational Monte Carlo method in quantum chemistry and physics. Variational Methods in Molecular Modeling, ed. Jianzhong Wu (2016).

C.-C. Chang, B.M. Rubenstein, and M.A. Morales-Silva. Auxiliary-field based trial wave functions in quantum Monte Carlo calculations. Physical Review B (Rapid). 94, 235144 (2016). arXiv:1604.00345.

Before Independent Career
B. M. Rubenstein, S. Zhang, and D.R. Reichman. Finite-temperature auxiliary-field quantum Monte Carlo technique for Bose-Fermi mixtures. Physical Review A. 86, 053606 (2012). arXiv:1209.0186

B.M. Rubenstein, I. Coluzza, and M.A. Miller. Controlling the folding and substrate-binding of proteins using polymer brushes. Physical Review Letters. 108, 208104 (2012). arXiv:1204.6177.

B.M. Rubenstein, J.E. Gubernatis, and J.D. Doll. Comparative Monte Carlo efficiency by Monte Carlo analysis. Physical Review E. 82, 036701 (2010). arXiv:1004.0931v1

B.M. Rubenstein and L. J. Kaufman. The role of extracellular matrix in glioma invasion: A cellular Potts model approach. Biophysical Journal. 95(12): 5661 (2008).


E. Schwegler, B. Rubenstein, and S. Libby (Editors). Symposium in Honor of Dr. Berni Alder's 90th Birthday. Advances in the Computational Sciences. World Scientific (2017).


B.M. Rubenstein. Sc.B. Thesis (Brown University), Complex Structure, Complex Dynamics: The Dynamics of Liquid Crystals in the Nematic Phase (2007).

B.M. Rubenstein. M.Phil. Thesis (University of Cambridge), Protein Folding and Binding Amidst Entropy Sources (2008).

B.M. Rubenstein. Ph.D. Thesis (Columbia University), Novel Quantum Monte Carlo Approaches for Quantum Liquids (2013).


B.M. Rubenstein and J. Rosenstein. Encoding Information in Synthetic Metabolomes and Molecular Mixtures. Provisional Patent Application (2018).

B.M. Rubenstein, J. Rosenstein, E. Kim, S. Reda, J.D. Geiser, P.M. Weber, C. Rose, and J. Sello. Methods of Chemical Computation, Patent Application (Provisional 2018, Full 2019).