Learning Visual-Motor Arbitrary Associations


We conducted a series of studies, with young, healthy adults and patients with Parkinson's disease to examine the brain areas involved in forming and rehearsing visual-motor arbitrary associations.  Some of this work is still being prepared for publication.

Publications  (If you download PDF versions of the publications, you have tacitly agreed to Fair Use policies.)

  • Bédard P. and J. N. Sanes  (2009)  On a basal ganglia role in learning and rehearsing visual-motor associations, NeuroImage, 47: 1701-1710.  Pubmed citation | Download pdf
  • Eliassen, J. C., T. Souza and J. N. Sanes  (2003)  Experience-dependent activation patterns in human brain during visual-motor associative learning.  Journal of Neuroscience, 23:10540-10547.  Pubmed citation | Download pdf

In progress:

  • Eliassen, J. C., Kim, J. A., Sanes, J. N. (2003) Brain activation for forming and rehearsing arbitrary associations driven by object location or features.  Program No. 556.4. 2003 Abstract Viewer/Itinerary Planner. Washington, DC: Society for Neuroscience.
  • Eliassen J.C., M. B. Johnson; J. N. Sanes  (2002) Brain activation to feedback modulated by arbitrary association learning.  Program No. 163.6.  Abstract Viewer/Itinerary Planner, Society for Neuroscience, Washington, DC.  CD-ROM.