Visual Motor Transformations


This set of studies has focused on revealing brain substrates that mediate eye-hand coordination.   The work was inspired by observations that gaze shifts affected properties of neural spiking in parietal and frontal cortex.  When we began this work (Baker et al. 1999, see reference below), no one had shown similar effects in humans.  We and others have replicated and extended the neural recording data. 

Key findings have included:

  • Gaze position has a synergistic influence on finger movement-related activation in neocortex and subcortex
  • Similar to neural recording work in non-human primates, gaze position and hand movement yield combinatory patterns of activation, such that one finds gaze-centered, hand-centered and gaze+hand centered representations neocortex and subcortex
  • Gaze influences on hand movement-related activation develops immediately before movement onset
  • Evidence that gaze modifies movement direction tuning in human motor cortical areas

Publications:  (If you download PDF versions of the publications, you have agreed to Fair Use policies.)

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