Laboratory Resources

Our laboratory is equipped to conduct psychophysical and functional MRI experiments.


Laboratory equipment include data tablet, button boxes, joy-sticks, 2D robot arm (BKIN Technologies), infrared pupilometry for ocular position recording; physiological amplifiers for EMG and EEG recording. We use Apple, PC and Linux computers for data recording and analysis.

Functional MRI

We and other Brown University researchers use a 3T TIM TRIO manufactured by Siemens Medical Solutions for MRI related research.  The MRI facility has MR compatible equipment to present visual and auditory stimuli and register movements with a button box and a joy-stick.  We use Apple, PC and UNIX computers for data recording and analysis. We have access to a High-Performance Compute Cluster (see below) for functional MRI analysis, currently using AFNI for most of our analyses.


We have an 128-channel EEG system (EGI Inc.) that we will use in connection with the robot arm or experiments requiring joy-stick or button press responses. The MRI Research Facility also has a 64-channel MRI-compatible EEG system (Brain Vision, Inc.)

High-performance computing

Laboratory members use a >1,000 CPU Linux cluster for data analysis.  The Center for Computation and Visualization hosts this cluster, and users access it via desktop computers using a Linux terminal shell.  The compute cluster has several GPU nodes for high-performance specialized computation and for remote and rapid visualization of image output from analysis of brain activation.