BPSMJC Schedule

BPJC Schedule

Fall 2015:

Sept 23, 

Link to Candidate Papers:


Spring 2014:

Date Presenter Reference
April 3 Multiple Speakers (a special meeting for open house visitors) TBA
Fall 2013:
Date Presenter Reference
Dec 4 Jon Estrada

Nov 27 no meeting (Thanksgiving)
Nov 20 Daniel Kim K Laube, K Günther, and M Mertig. "Analysis of the fluctuations of a single-tethered, quantum-dot labeled DNA molecule in shear flow." J Phys-Condens Mat 23 (2011).
Nov 13 Jingjing Wang Microfluidics based molecular assays toward point-of-care diagnostics
Oct 30 William Maulbetsch M. Gamero-Castaño and J. Fernández de la Mora. "Direct measurement of ion evaporation kinetics from electrified liquid surfaces." J Chem Phys 113 (2000)
Oct 23 Wang Miao Jérôme Mathé et al. "Nanopore Unzipping of Individual DNA Hairpin Molecules." Biophys J 87 (2004)
Oct 9 Mike Morse
Y Wu and H C Berg. "Water reservoir maintained by cell growth fuels the spreading of a bacterial swarm." P Natl Acad Sci USA (2012).
Oct 2 Xu Liu Xu Liu et al. "Optogenetic stimulation of a hippocampal engram activates fear memory recall." Nature 484, (2012)
Sept 18 Angus McMullen H Su, JL Prieto, and J Voldman. "Rapid dielectrophoretic characterization of single cells using the dielectrophoretic spring.Lab Chip, ahead of print, (2013).
Sept 11 Alex Loosley BM Regner et al. "Anomalous Diffusion of Single Particles in Cytoplasm." Biophys J, 104 (2013)
Spring 2013:
Date Presenter Reference
May 6 Daniel Saenz D Clarke, H Whitney, G Sutton, and D Robert. "Detection and Learning of Floral Electric Fields by Bumblebees." Science 340 (2013)
May 2 Prof. Jim Valles "Surface Accumulation of Micro-organisms Driven by Intense Magnetic Fields."
Apr 15 Angus McMullen RS Fruedkabder, ..., J Aizenberg. "Bacterial flagella explore microscale hummocksand hollows to increase adhesion." Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 110 (2013)
Apr 8 Mirna Mihovilovic
DM Vlassarev and JA Golovchenko. "Trapping DNA near a Solid-State Nanopore." Biophys J, 103 (2012)
Apr 4 Katherine Miao D Rodriguez-Larrea and H Bayley"Multistep protein unfolding during nanopore translocation." Nature. Published online ahead of print. (2013)
Mar 25 no meeting  (spring recess)
Mar 18 no meeting
(APS March Meeting)
Mar 11
  1. Xu Liu

  2. William Maulbetsch 

  3. Joseph Bush

March Meeting practice talks:

  • Xu: Studies of DNA Translocation through an Asymmetrical Nanopore Structure
  • Will: Order Preservation Between DNA Mononucleotides Modeled by Langevin Dynamics
  • Joe: Nanopore Mass Spectrometry
Mar 4 Mike Morse Mario E. Di Salvo and C. A. Condat, "Observed frequency-independent torque in flagellar bacterial motors optimizes space exploration." Phys Rev E. 86. 061907 (2012)
Feb 25 Alex Loosley H Levine and WJ Rappel "The physics of eukaryotic chemotaxis." Phys Today, 66 (2013)
Feb 14 Xu Liu K Jensen. "Physical limits of leaf size in tall trees." Phys Rev Lett, 110, 018104 (2013)
Feb 7 William Maulbetsch A Muto et al. "Real-Time Visualization of Neuronal Activity during Perception." Curr Biol, doi:10.1016/j.cub.2012.12.040 (2013)
Fall 2012:
Date Presenter Reference
Dec 3 Angus McMullen J Rosenstein, et al. "Integrated nanopore sensing platform with sub-microsecond temporal resolution." Nat Methods, 9, 487–492 (2012) 
Nov 26 Wang Miao S Das et al. "Concentration polarization in translocation of DNA through nanopores and nanochannels." Phys Rev Lett, 108, 138101 (2012)
Nov 19 David Stout

T Lämmermann et al. "Rapid leukocyte migration by integrin-independent flowing and squeezing." Nature, 453, 51-55 (2008)

T Lämmermann and M Sixt. "Mechanical modes of 'amoeboid' cell migration." Curr Opin Cell Biol, 21, 636-644 (2009)

Nov 12 Bin Liu &
Kenneth Breuer 

Sneak peak of their talks at the upcoming APS March Meeting (Click here for abstracts)

  • Tracing the run-flip motion of an individual bacterium
  • Helical swimming in confined geometries
Nov 5 Mike Morse

D Kim et al. "Chemotactic steering of bacteria propelled microbeads." Biomed Microdevices. Published ahead of print (2012)

Sahari et al. "Effect of body shape on the motile behavior of bacteria-powered swimming microrobots (BacteriaBots)." Biomed Microdevices. Published ahead of print (2012)

Oct 29 no meeting (Hurricane Sandy)
Oct 22 Xu Liu M T J van Loenhout, M V de Grunt, and C Dekker "Dynamics of DNA Supercoils." Science, 338, 94-97 (2012)
Oct 15 William Maulbetsch

M. Zapka et al. "Visual but not trigeminal mediation of magnetic compass information in a migratory bird." Nature, 461, 1274-1277 (2009)

K. Maeda et al. "Magnetically sensitive light-induced reactions in cryptochrome are consistent with its proposed role as a magnetoreceptor." P Natl Acad Sci USA, 109, 4774-4779 (2012)

Oct 8 no meeting (Columbus Day)
Oct 1 Elnez Alipour-Assiabi P Lee and C W Wolgemuth. "Crawling Cells Can Close Wounds without Purse Strings or Signaling." PLoS Comput Biol, 7, e1002007 (2011) - Presentation in followup to BPJC on Sept 17, 2012. 
Sept 24 Prof. Jay Tang J Yuan, KA Fahrner, and HC Berg. "Switching of the Bacterial Flagellar Motor Near Zero Load." J Mol Biol, 390, 394-400 (2009) - Presentation in advance of Dr. Yuan's Seminar Oct 11
Sept 17 Alex Loosley X. Serra-Picamal et al. "Mechanical waves during tissue expansion." Nat Phys, 8, 628-634 (2012)
Spring 2012:
Date Presenter Reference
May 2 (Sound Bites)
Apr 25 William Maulbetsch "A logic-gated nanorobot for targeted transport of molecular payloads" Science, 335, (2012)
Apr 18 Liping Liu  "Reading DNA at single-nucleotide resolution with a mutant MspA nanopore and Phi29 DNA polymerase" Nat Biotech, 30, (2012)
Apr 11 no meeting (BPJC still recovering from Easter)
Apr 4 Wang Miao "Electronic Barcoding of a Viral Gene at the Single-Molecule Level" Nano Lett, 12, (2012)
Mar 28 no meeting (Spring Recess)
Mar 22* Elnez Alipour-Assiabi "Integration of contractile forces during tissue invagination" J Cell Biol, 188, (2010) 
Mar 14 Jingjing Wang "Keratocyte Lamellipodial Protrusion Is Characterized by a Concave Force-Velocity Relation." Biophys J, 100, (2011)
Mar 7 Michael Morse "Bacterial Chemotaxis in an Optical Trap." PLoS one, 6, (2011)
Feb 29 no meeting (APS March Meeting in Boston)
Feb 22 Xu Liu "Highly Parallel Magnetic Tweezers by Targeted DNA Tethering." Nano Lett, 11, (2011)
Feb 15 Angus McMullen "Nanochannel electroporation delivers precise amounts of biomolecules into living cells." Nat Nanotech, 6, (2011)
Feb 8 Joseph Bush "Molecular motors for DNA translocation in prokaryotes." Curr Opin Biotech, 23, (2011)
Feb 1 Alex Loosley "Membrane Tension Maintains Cell Polarity by Confining Signals to the Leading Edge during Neutrophil Migration." Cell, 148, (2012)