Mike Morse

Mike Morse



Phone (Lab): 401-863-xxxx
Email: [email protected]


Mike spent his undergraduate years at Brandeis University. He worked with Professor John Wardle in studying magnetic field structure in quasar jets that displayed apparent faster then light motion. This work culminated in the completion of a senior theis in 2010. Now a graduate student at Brown, Mike's research involves the observation of cellular swimming in Caulobacter Crescentus near interfaces through the use of various microscopy techniques.  He hopes to explain anomalous swimming behavior using physical models concerning non-homogenous swimming environments.  In addition, behavior of micron sized bacterial cells may provide a useful probe in studying the physical properties of the fluid swimming medium, especially in complex systems such as fluid boundaries and interfaces.

Brandeis University (2006-2010) - B.Sc. - Physics and Mathematics
Brown University (2010-...) - Sc.M / Ph.D. - Physics

Research Interests:
Dynamics of bacterial swimming
Properties of fluids near interfaces