Choudhary Lab Members & Trainees

Current Lab Members:

Eric Wang, PharmDEric Wang, PharmD
Eric Wang, PharmD

Laboratory Manager

Peng ZhangPeng Zhang

Peng Zhang, MD, MS
Assistant Professor

Current Trainees and Mentees:

Natalie DSilvaNatalie DSilva
Natalie D'Silva, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
06/2021 - Present
Project: The Role of Endothelial Anoctamin-1 in Pulmonary Hypertension
Alexsandra Zimmer, PhD
Post-Doctoral Fellow
09/2021 - Present
Project: Mechanisms underlying RV Dysfunctionin Pulmonary Hypertension


Julia FeordJulia Feord
Julia Feord, Class of 2022
Undergraduate Student
Independent Study

Past Lab Members:

Alex VangAlex Vang
Alexander Vang '10, AB, Past Laboratory Manager
Curent Position: Laboratory Operations Manager, Keros Therapeutics, Lexington, MA
Thomas Mancini
Current Position: Scientific Specialist, Abcam, Waltham, MA
N. Richard Kue
Current Position: Scientist, Pfizer, Cambridge, MA


Past Trainees and Mentees:

Alan R MorrisonAlan R Morrison
Alan R. Morrison, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor of Medicine

Project: IL-1beta Signaling Promotes Atherosclerotic Calcification and Cardiovascular Risk

Project: Calcific Atherosclerosis is Mediated by Macrophage Adhesion Signalling

Deni BosDeni Bos
Denielli da Silva Bos, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
07/2019 - 12/2020
Current Position: Physiotherapist and Researcher at Pulmonary Circulation Unity, Cardiopulmonology Department, Heart Institute, University of Sao Paulo Medical School, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
Project: Exercise Intolerance and Supercomplex Formation in Pulmonary Hypertension

Ana FernandezAna Fernandez

Ana Fernandez Nicolas, PhD
Post-Doctoral Research Fellow
05/2019 - 12/2020
Current Position: Inside Salesrep, ThermoFisher Scientific, Iberia/Italy

Project: The Role of Endothelial Anoctamin-1 in Pulmonary Hypertension

Jamila SiamwalaJamila Siamwala

Jamila Siamwala, PhD
Post-doc Research Fellow

Project: Inflammation and Right Heart Ventricular Dysfunction

Rick ClementsRick Clements

Richard T. Clements, PhD

Assistant Professor of Surgery
Current Position: Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Rhode Island
Project: Supercomplexes in Skeletal Muscle in Pulmonary Hypertension
Ayed AllawziAyed Allawzi
Ayed Allawzi, PhD

Graduate Student, MPPB

Current position: Scientist - Pharmacology, Translate Bio, Lexington, MA
ProjectActivation of Ano1 is Associated with Apoptosis of Pulmonary Endothelial Cells: Implications for Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Dani McCulloughDani McCulloughDanielle McCullough, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
Current position: Discipline Chair for Cell Biology and Physiology, Anatomy & Physiology, The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine, Spartanburg, SC
Project  Chronic Endurance Exercise Attenuates Impairments in VO2max in Rats with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension
Kelly OConnellKelly OConnell
Kelly OConnell, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow
[NIH T32HL088328]


Current position: Senior Clinical Development Scientist, Phillips
Project: Molecular Mechanisms Underlying RV Remodeling and Dysfunction in Response to Cigarette Smoke and the Effects on Mitochondrial Function in Associated Pulmonary Hypertension/COPD
Jiwon KimJiwon Kim
Jiwon Kim, MD
Cardiology Fellow
Current position: Assistant Professor of Medicine, Weill Cornell School of Medicine, NY, NY
ProjectTroponin Assays and Acute Coronary Syndrome
Johannes SteinerJohannes SteinerJohannes Steiner, MD
Cardiology Fellow
Current position: Assistant Professor of Medicine, University of Vermont School of Medicine, Burlington, VT
Project: Echocardiographic Predictors of Mortality in Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension and Cardiopulmonary Comorbidities
Erick TroncalesErick Troncales
Frederick Troncales, MD
Pulmonary Fellow
Current position:   Pulmonologist, CHI Franciscan Health, Burien, WA
Project:  Role of PKCδ in RV Hypertrophy


Doug MartinDoug Martin Douglas Martin, MD
Pulmonary Fellow
Current position:  Assistant Professor of Medicine, Brown University

Project:  Bosentan and RV Hypertrophy/ Fibrosis

Jeff MazerJeff Mazer
Jeffrey Mazer, MD

Pulmonary Fellow

Current position: Pulmonologist, Lovelace Medical Group, Albuquerque, NM

Project:  C-type Natriuretic Peptide and Pulmonary Hypertension

Medical Fellows:
Alpert Medical School of Brown University Preventative Cardiology Fellows:
  • Jennifer Jantz, MD, 07/2015-06/2016
  • Amanda Leung, MD, 07/2014-06/2015
  • Teresa Slomka, MD, 07/2013-06/2014
  • Ali Dahhan, MD, 07/2012-06/2013
  • Shahnaz Pujani, MD, 07/2008-06/2010
Undergraduate Students:
Brown University Students:
  • Julia Feord, 10/2020-Present, Class of 2022
  • Alexander Park, 10/2020-09/2021, Class of 2022
  • Suraj Zaveri, 01/2020-09/2021, Class of 2023
  • Julia Berkson, 06/2019-08/2019, Class of 2022 
  • Krishna Mallem, 04/2017-01/2019, Class of 2019, ScB
  • Go Eun Jeong, 06/2017-09/2017, Class of 2018, ScB
  • Joy Choi, 09/2010-05/2011, Class of 2011, ScB
  • Alexander Vang, 06/2018-05/2010, Class of 2010, AB
  • Eleanor Cutler, 09/2009-05/2010, Class of 2010, ScB
  • Ahmad Rana, 09/2009-05/2010, Class of 2010, ScB
  • Eli Harris, 09/2008-05/2009, Class of 2009, ScB
  • Hezhi Gan, 09/2008-05/2009, Class of 2009, ScB
  • Stephani Le, 09/2007-05/2008, Class of 2008, ScB; Class of 2012, MD
  • Aaron Simons,0 9/2006-05/2007, Class of 2007, ScB
Leadership Alliance Students:
  • Alisha Rolon, 06/2021-08/2021, Providence College, Class of 2023
  • Jaime Bozeman, 06/2020-08/2020, Tougaloo College, Class of 2022 
  • Noel Getachew, 06/2019-08/2019, University of Maryland, Baltimore, Class of 2020
  • Juanetzial Charneco-Gonzalez, 06/2017-08/2017, University of Puerto Rico, Class of 2019
  • Emily Bouda, 06/2014-08/2014, Hunter College, Class of 2015
  • Sherry Gee, 06/2013-08/2013, University of Michigan, Class of 2014
  • James Chavre, 06/2011-08/2011, Columbia University, Class of 2012
  • Jasmin Harpe, 06/2009-08/2009, Johns Hopkins University, Class of 2011
  • Taralee Thompson, 06/2008-08/2008, Brooklyn College, Class of 2009
  • Lina Ramirez, 06/2007-08/2007, University of Miami, Class of 2008